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January Furniture Show 2019

January Furniture Show 2019

Today has been so much fun for me as a whole, I’ve been browsing around the January Furniture Show 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now. Anyway I love a good interior design trade show and would love to show you some of my favourite highlights of the show… So here we go…

And of course being me, I saw thousands of things that I loved and wanted to buy, from furniture, to fabric, to soft furnishings, to home accessories. And I had my favourite stands as I did last year. There was something different and unique to look at everywhere we turned. I mainly concentrated on the Interior Accessories Hall and the Premium Interior Hall as it was most relevant to interior design.


January Furniture Show 2018 Highlights

Now to show you my top picks and highlights from the 2019 January Furniture Show, there are quite a few (mainly from Hall 1)… so I’ll show you my absolute favourites…

Please let me know which stands you like best…



The Duresta stand was my favourite stand of the whole show. At risk of sounding very strange, as soon as I saw the stand, I practically ran towards it. If I’m being honest, I had been pretty underwhelmed all day from a majority of the other stands until I reached this amazing stand, it actually made my day. Duresta is easily my favourite luxury sofa and furnishings company, and the most comfortable sofas that I have ever sat on that I never wanted to move. This would definitely be my choice of brand for my new sofa.

What did it for me with this stand is their perfect attention to quality and detail, not only in their furniture, but in the design and layout of their stand as well. There was nothing out of space and everything complemented each other perfectly. And extra points for using some of my favourite colours, I absolutely love timeless navy blue.

One of my favourite quotes comes to mind… “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” (Henry Royce).



The Westbridge stand had some really lovely fabric choices on their upholstery. I particularly fell in love with some sofas and chairs in lovely pretty pink tones. I found a very comfortable pink sofa after a long day walking around and I ended up sitting there for half an hour.

I loved the different pastel colours on this stand.



I really loved the Tetrad stands choice of materials and colour and they had some really beautiful things. One of the pieces that stuck out for me is this stunningly eye catching teal statement sofa with the bright mustard scatter cushions. In fact, I loved the whole area of this part of their stand. I have to add it was very comfortable as well.

I wonder how many people would fit on this huge sofa…


Paulus & Brown

This section of the Paulus & Brown stand reminded me of a little enchanted forest with tropical and enchanting bursts of vibrant colour. They have a really interesting use of bright colour in some of their statement pieces of upholstery.

All this colour makes me feel a bit summery in this cold weather.


Baa Stool

I love these fluffy warm Baa Stools and accessories. Like last year, I wanted to stay forever stroking the sheepskin fleeces. I must get around to buying myself a little something… maybe I’ll start with a little notebook cover…

As you can probably tell, I like soft furry accessories.


Culinary Concepts

As always, the Culinary Concepts stand is pretty impressive with loads of shiny home accessories. I saw quite a lot of lighting gems on the stand which I really loved and wanted to share them with you.

Lighting really helps to make a beautiful interior.


Sassy Home

These are beautiful sculptures of Betta Fish that can either be free standing or wall mounted in various different colours. They are just beautiful and they have so much movement in them when the light hits them right. I loved these because they were so unusual and unique and something that I’d love the opportunity to use one day in an interior… maybe a commercial interior design project.

I love watching fish, so these are lovely.


All in all, I had a lovely day and found a lot of new suppliers that I would like to work with in the near future. The traffic on the way home was truly awful, but was well worth it for all of the amazing things I saw. I will probably going to ache all over tomorrow from my heavy bags.

There are more trade shows coming up for me to visit, the next one that I’m definitely visiting is Spring Fair 2019 at the beginning of February, so watch this space for more beautiful things. I am just planning which stands I’m going to visit, luckily I have a map. But until next year, this is goodbye to the January Furniture Show 2019.

To see more pictures from the show, please visit our Facebook page Antonia Lowe Interiors where there will be an album titled January Furniture Show 2019.

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