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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

This is such a beautiful place in Lapland, Finland and I would love to go. It offers beautifully designer glass igloos to look up at the stars and the Northern Lights as well as log cabins. It is located in the middle of the wilderness so visitors can get the best views of the sky. Inside the igloo, it is warm and comfortable.

As well as the obvious beautiful setting, I think the interior design of the space has been really well executed. It is a modern space within a natural landscape. Although the igloos are made from glass, there is privacy through the use of low level curtains, some small frosted glass areas for when standing and the surrounding trees provide a small amount of privacy.

I like the colours that have been selected for the interior as they are not too bright, so complement the surroundings well. And the use of materials in the interior works well with the igloos exterior and the landscape.

I really want to visit this place to get the real experience, I would love to book myself a Christmas break, it has such a beautiful and romantic feel about it. I would love to curl up under a fur blanket and look at the stars.

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