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Kekkilia Green Shed – Linda Bergroth and Ville Hara

This is a project from 2011 built in Finland. It is a combination of a traditional garden shed and greenhouse that can also be used for relaxation. They are constructed using Finnish pine and toughened safety glass. Plants are able to grow easily here as it functions as a greenhouse.

I really like the design, the idea and the location as I am really into gardening at the moment and I am currently designing and creating my garden. I do not have space for a greenhouse in my garden so for me this is something to aspire towards. I like the fact that there is relaxation space. This would be a magical and romantic place to spend the night next to a beautiful lake under the stars.

If I had a space like this, it would be filled with beautiful colourful roses and peonies with a bed for relaxing and lots of candles (in safe candle holders obviously). For me, it is important to be in a natural environment and keep plants so they still exist in the future. I would also consider adding self sustainability or further eco aspects to it to be able to spend a week or a weekend in the greenhouse. This is a great way of combining the outdoors with the indoors.

This design concept could be applied to residential interior design as it is a space that would be a wonderful private retreat if you had a large garden or a piece of woodland. Equally it would be great for commercial use as hotel rooms within woodland or another beautiful landscape. I would imagine that in the Summer, it would be a great place for a weekend away.

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