Kuvshyn Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by YØ DEZEEN Shows Off its Decorative Modern Georgian Interior Design

Kuvshyn Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by YØ DEZEEN Shows Off its Decorative Modern Georgian Interior Design

This is such a beautiful restaurant interior for someone who loves different decorative items, materials and textures. I was browsing online last night, looking for inspiration and interesting projects, as I like to do and I came across some pictures of the Kuvshyn Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine and they really stood out to me, and I had to share it with you. The modern design is stunning and simplistic in the most sophisticated way; layered with compementary materials, textures and accessories in a truly well designed space. And I love the interior design so much…

Kuvshyn Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by YØ DEZEEN

The Kuvshyn Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine was beautifully designed by Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, and Irina Babich of the amazing YØ DEZEEN studio. I couldn’t help have a look at some of their other work because it is simply stunning and they have an excellent website.

Within the renovation period, YØ DEZEEN  completely replaced the existing furniture with a brand new wooden furniture produced by local manufacturers. They then exposed the old brick walls, creating an atmosphere that looks more authentic, changed the flooring, created some wooden bars with concrete to display national Georgian ornaments. Some beautiful faux wooden beams have been added as a tool of visual enlargement of the space. YØ DEZEEN have allowed the atmosphere to be elegant and brutal simultaneously by furnishing the new terrace with refined custom-made furniture surrounded with industrial style walls.

Beautiful Decorative Modern Georgian Interior Design

During the renovation of the interior of the restaurant; the old furnishings were completely replaced with brand new ones produced by local artisans. The hard furnishings are made from solid wood surrounded by authentic brick walls which complements the natural wood tones.

The space is full of beautiful decorative accents and accessories including pendant lamps above all of the tables with stylish modern shades made of fabric. And soft warm sheepskins that cover many of the chairs; which I have to say happens to be one of my favourite elements of the design. All of the different chairs used to furnish the space look very luxurious, elegant and comfortable; and they all complement each other to bring together a luxurious contemporary look with a sophisticated aesthetic and atmosphere. The combination of the sheepskin chairs and the pale leather quilted buttoned chairs, next to the more simple bench seating and chairs, just looks so elegant and beautiful and they are real features of the interior space. I am a real fan of sheepskin in interior design at the moment as it can come in so many unique variations.

The terrace area is just as stunning as the rest of the interior of the restaurant; with yet further beautiful decorative accents. The ceiling of the terrace has an amazing decorative laser cut design with tones and patterns that complement the terrace furniture seamlessly; and is broken up with lovely deep crimson accents and the botanical lush greenery of the plants. The final and dominant accent of this space is a huge chandelier that consists of 126 flame-less candles and isn’t it beautiful…

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