La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Matera, Italy by Manca Studio is a Beautiful Balance of Traditional and Modern Interior Design

La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Matera, Italy by Manca Studio is a Beautiful Balance of Traditional and Modern Interior Design

I have long been an admirer of design where traditional elements have been combined with modern elements to create a breathtaking piece of design; especially within architecture, interior design and interior architecture. Contemporary interior design can give a traditional or historic piece of architecture a beautiful new life when the modern elements complement the more traditional elements. This is the skill of the designer; to execute the design in such a way where there is a perfect balance, to give the space a whole new aesthetic, environment and atmosphere. And it is truly beautiful how the height of luxury, elegance and sophistication can be reached when combining the old and new styles in interior design. It really fascinates me, and I hope it does the same to you… Wouldn’t you just love to stay here…

La Dimora di Metello Hotel by Manca Studio

Manca Studio, a brother and sister studio team have really injected a new modern luxury lease of life into the La Dimora di Metello Hotel. The design of this beautiful space has broken the boundaries between traditional and contemporary interior design; with the styles complementing each other through the material choices, colour palette, and the elegant and sophisticated design that is present in the stone architecture, the glamorous minimalist interior design and the minimal decorative accessories selected to style the space.

This beautiful hotel is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Matera, Italy and is termed as the town of sassi which is Italian for stones, and has been designated as a European Capital of Culture for 2019… So get planning your holidays for next year.

“It arose from natural caves in the rock,” Alfredo Manca explains.

Human habitation of these natural caves in the rock dates back to the Paleolithic era and the town has had many inhabitants, including the Byzantines and the Normans. Christianity in the Middle Ages bought the construction of cathedrals that were built on plateaus that along with the canyons and valleys dominate the landscape of the town.

“There’s an incredible series of elements layered over the course of time,” Marina Manca concurs. “You can walk through the many narrow streets and always find yourself in different corners.”

The Mancas are experts of the town as they are natives of Matera and only left to study architecture at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. Upon their return, they established their design studio and did mainly local commercial and residential projects. La Dimora di Metello Hotel, taking its name from Matera’s Roman tower, is the siblings’ first hotel.

“The owners had seen our work and were totally confident in our creative skills,” Marina Manca recalls.

More than visual creativity was needed for the project. While the leaks were fixed and wall surfaces were cleaned with iron brushes, the Mancas began space-planning for the hotel. There’s now a breakfast area near reception, a spa, and four guest rooms sharing a beautiful terrace with stunning breath taking views across the ancient town.

Since there were strict municipal regulations, architectural additions were very limited to the corridor that connects the guest rooms. Each of the rooms of guest accommodation is unique, and each has a name that is Roman and female. Eumenia and Numisia are the stan­dard doubles. Agapta, is slightly larger and is a duplex. The deluxe suite is called Metella.

“They’re all grotto-type spaces,” Alfredo Manca notes. That translates into walls and arched ceilings carved out of the indigenous volcanic rock.

Melding tradition with a take on the modern day is nothing new among European hotels, of course it is a really popular concept, combining the traditional with the modern in a complementary balance. La Dimora di Metello nevertheless offers amazing incomparable rewards to the intrepid traveller as it’s located in such a beautiful setting with a truly unique design.

“It’s a place that surprises with a rigorous and elegant beauty.” Marina Manca explains.

Traditional Contemporary Interior Design

Interior treatments wed ancient to contemporary design for an unexpected refined take on minimalism. Though the flooring is new, this is a composite of sand, lime, and fragments of brick that has precedents in Roman architecture, the Mancas state. Thus making the flooring complement the existing architecture seamlessly.

Most furniture is custom made, with much of it being in pale oak. This includes the reception desk and the nearby tabletops. Additionally, the guest rooms’ beds, desks, cabinetry, and clothing racks, are also in the elegant pale oak. Textiles are made from natural fibres; panels of linen-cotton for the draperies, hand-sewn linen for bedspreads, cotton for sheets. This adds another layer of sophisticated luxury to the overall design and finishes the interior perfectly while complementing the more rigid and permanent elements of the design. The neutrals take their hue from the pale colour of the indigenous natural stone.

The light fixtures and fittings in the guest rooms are designed by Jasper Morrison or the team of Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù. Other notable special production pieces include Christophe Pillet’s ethereal white tables and chairs, which almost float in the space in contrast with the heavy stone of the terrace space where they are placed.

The terrace, it’s an all-day affair, perfect, Marina Manca says, “for breakfast, to relax in the sun sipping an aperitif, or to admire the night sky.”

This beautiful stone grotto like hotel is the perfect balance of traditional design meeting contemporary design, with the interior complementing the architecture beautifully in such an elegant and sophisticated way. And the natural colour palette is right on trend at the moment, with the natural stone as the canvas, the choice of colours in the materials complements the canvas perfectly. The stone colours, the greys, whites, tans and beige are so popular right now, especially in Italian interior design, but internationally as well. Yes I think maybe if they wanted to they could get away with adding some subdued colour in the future like a pale pink or a soft red if they ever wanted to, but really I think colour would be an unnecessary addition as it could destroy the modern luxury sophistication of this stunning space.

And just from looking at the pictures of the interior, I love the minimalist aesthetic of each space within the interior of the hotel, yet the lighting and the textures of all of the materials make the spaces feel cosy, warm and comfortable. And the atmosphere created makes the guest feel like they are in a luxurious, sophisticated and elegant space with a touch of Italian glamour. I would love to wake up in the morning and eat my breakfast on that gorgeous stone terrace taking in the beautiful views of the historic town.

To book into the La Dimora di Metello Hotel, please visit the La Dimora di Metello Hotel website.

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