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Light and Living – Spring Fair 2016

This is the stand for Light and Living at the Spring Fair 2016 and they kindly allowed me to take some photographs for my blog that I could link to their website. The company had masses of beautiful lighting pieces.

Every corner that I turned on the stand, there was something new and beautiful to look at.

I was then able to ask them a few questions about the company…

“How long ago did the company start?”

“It started over 40 years ago, so quite a long time.”


“How did the company become successful?”

“It started out producing light shades which were popular so we expanded into other decorative lighting and lighting accessories.”


“Where was the company based?”

“It was and still is based in the Netherlands.”


“Where are your products sold?”

“On our website and we export our products to over 70 different countries.”


I think that part of the companies key to a 40+ year success is partly the fact that they manufacture their own products in the Netherlands allowing them to sell their products on the website, making a full profit. And they were able to produce a very large collection of different decorative lighting pieces so there is something in their collection for everyone. All of these lights would look beautiful in any interior.

I really like all of the products and would definitely use them in an interior. I am planning on putting some into the design of my current design project.

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