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Lighting Inspiration – Feature Lighting – Tom Dixon

For the feature light fittings for my co-working business and hospitality hub design, I have been looking at some Tom Dixon feature light fittings that I think I may like to use within my design. I may not use all of the following, but these are the types of feature light fittings that I would like to use within my design. I am probably going to go with the more monochrome and metallic colours; black, white, grey, chrome, copper etc.

Tom Dixon Lighting

Tom Dixon produces some really beautiful feature light fittings which fit perfectly with my monochrome and metallic scheme for my design. They reflect the light beautifully which is something that is important within my design as I want the scheme to include reflection as well as natural light and there are plenty of reflection opportunities within the materials used for these light fittings on their metallic and glass surfaces.


Melt Pendant – Chrome, Copper and Gold

Copper Pendant – Round, Wide and Tall

Etch Pendant – Brass, Copper, Black and Steel

Etch Webb Pendant – Brass and Steel

Mirror Ball Pendant – Chrome and Gold

Cut Tall and Short Pendant – Chrome and Smoke

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