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LUX Night Club Interior – FMP Precedent

LUX Interior and Set

My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent?

Materials to Create Aesthetic – The back of Lucifer’s bar uses Alabaster that is lit from behind to illuminate the entire wall. There are glass shelves containing the bottles which makes them appear as if they are floating. I intend to have a couple of bars within my building – a rooftop bar and possibly a basement bar. Lucifer’s bar has an impact through its use of materials and I would like to achieve a similar impact through the materials that I choose to use in my design. I would really like to use lit alabaster to bring some light to the space.

Lighting – The LUX night club has inspired me to try and look at more interesting light fittings than the standard ones that are available and mass produced. I really like the levels of lighting in the space as there is a lot of light, but it is not too bright for use in the evenings and at night. I need something like this for my design as my building has the potential to be used 24 hours a day.

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  1. Lovy

    Hello… I have a restaurant and now intend to open a bar/pub… am really interested in lucifer’s layout… however mine is way too small compared to lux… do you think it will be worth to try with a limited space?

    1. Antonia Lowe

      Hello, I’m really happy to hear that you like Lucifers layout and design for Lux, I think it’s amazing and such a sophisticated stunning design. I believe that a variation of the Lux design would work really well in a smaller space and I definitely think that it would be worth a try. Do you know what the dimensions are for your space? I’d be happy to offer some more advice if you would like? And if you’re in the UK I’d be happy to come and have a look and help you put something together? We can chat via email also if you wish to. I think the Lux style will look absolutely beautiful and elegant which is something your customers will most definitely love.

  2. Aaron Evans

    Hi there. Ive just moved in to my new home and I have a office that will be turned into a whiskey room. I have wall space for one of Lux’s columns using alabaster, My question is what is the base alabaster color used and how thick would it have to be in order to get the lightning effect.
    Kind Regards
    New Zealand

    1. Antonia Lowe

      Hi Aaron, Congratulations on moving into your new home and I think your office will look amazing as a whiskey room, especially with the alabaster. The base colour of the alabaster will be a white or cream and thickness can depend on the size of the wall and the type of lighting you plan to use. However I tend to use 0.5inch or 1.27cm thick as it’s the thickness my supplier said would be a good thickness for most of my projects. Then you get the desired lighting effect by choosing your light colour. Lux uses a warm yellow light on white/cream based alabaster, but white or coloured light is an alternative depending on the look you want to achieve. I hope this helps, any other questions, I’m happy to help. If you let me know the measurements of you wall, I can check the thickness more accurately for you and suggest the best lighting method to achieve the effect you would like.
      Kindest Regards,

  3. Jesper

    Hello antonia, about the best lighting method to use.. do you use L.e.d.strips with opal covers.. (2300k?) And how are the placed? On the edges behind the albast.. or more like a few lines across the space behind the albast?
    Kind regards,

  4. Ian

    My wife is obsessed with the yellow floating bar design and whole apartment really. Looks amazing 🙂

  5. Isabel Henao

    Hola, me encanta la serie y quiera saber si es una de las primeras cafeteras espresso lo que hace parte de la decoración en los estantes donde están los licores, y por qué la decisión de ponerla ahí. Me encanta.

  6. Lilz

    I would like to have more photos of “Lux” if you can .

  7. Monique

    I’m really interested in the branch chandelier. I’m in the US. Where could I find one to put in my living room?

  8. Ronin

    Recently moved into our new house and while watching the show we spotted the Light fixture you guys have in the upstairs. I have a bar i am setting up and would like to see if you guys sell the tree custom light fixture.

  9. Spencer

    The set used for this show is absolutely stunning, and I would love to create something like this. Do you have any recommendations on where one can purchase Alabaster panels like the ones used in the bar? I’m located in the US but can’t seem to find any suppliers. Thank you!

  10. Rob Jenkins

    Hi Antonia I’m extending my house out and up a floor and would love to have an homage to Lucifer’s bar, smaller scale but with the alabaster and lighting. Is this something you can offer advice on? thanks! Rob

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