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Make Your Living Room Homier with Elegant Accessories

Make Your Living Room Homier with Elegant Accessories

Written by Cassandra Starkey – Guest Writer

A living room may be comfortable and homey while also being an elegant and inviting space. As more than 60 percent of UK residents are homeowners, you may know that adding the right home accessories, including decorative pillows, candles and mirrors, will give your living room personality and ambience to make it homier. These accessories, however, don’t need to cost a fortune, affordable versions are available. Whether you select budget-friendly versions or go for something more upscale, these homey touches will deliver plenty of bang for the buck.

Don’t skimp on decorative pillows

Homeliness is about adding comfort and beauty that feel familiar and personal. When you choose to add several decorative pillows to your living room sofa and chairs, you’ll find that you’re able to create homey appeal instantly, as you also enhance comfort. Decorative sofa cushions give a rich look and they are supremely functional. Adding decorative pillows will be a great way to turn a living room into a cosy nest, without sacrificing elegance. Look for larger cushions, such as 22-inch designs, because they are simpler to rest on than smaller pillows, such as 12 by 18 designs.

Indulge in pretty candles

Candles look gorgeous, even in broad daylight. In the evening, when they are lit, they add so much comforting beauty to living rooms. Candlelight is very soothing, and some candles are deliciously scented, so they provide aromatherapy benefits, too. Adding a couple of sizeable candles to a coffee table, such as soy candles scented with vanilla bean or a hint of lavender, will be a wonderful way to boost homeliness without making big design changes. Make sure that you house your candles in attractive and safe holders.

Add mirrors to visually enlarge the space

Part of making a living room homey is maximising space or creating the illusion of more space. If you want to make your living room appear larger, be sure to add a fairly large mirror to one of your living room walls. A mirror placed over a fireplace’s mantle piece will be a great option. A mirror placed in any focal point will reflect other parts of the room and make the entire space feel bigger. For an elegant effect, go for a mirror with an “old gold” frame. The touch of subtle gilding will add a lot of richness and dimension.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to make a living room homey with the addition of just a trio of home accessories. Many living rooms that appear in the world’s premier design magazines feature elegant decorative pillows, beautiful candles and dazzling mirrors. When you add these design elements, you’ll make your living room comfortable, as well as elegant.


Written by Cassandra Starkey – Guest Writer

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