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Materiality of Kingswell Street / Bridge Street Northampton

Today I visited Kingswell Street which is the street that my site is on to take some photographs and look at the materiality of the buildings on the street, including the Albion Brewery – 54 Kingswell Street which is my chosen building for my final project. I looked at the building materials for both the side of the street which my building is on and the opposite side of the street as there is a variation in building materials which I found interesting.

Sketch Representation Showing Materials

Then I produced a sketch of the street on both sides and scanned them into the computer to enable me to add the different building materials to each building to show the material make up of the street.

There will be more in depth details about materiality of the street in my Technical Feasibility Report which I will publish on my blog after it has been submitted to the University.

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