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New Additions to the Site and Final Site Model

This is my final site model at 1:200 scale that I produced using the laser cutter. This shows the site and all of the changes and additions made to the site.

The new additions to the site will involve connecting some of the existing buildings. In doing this, it is important to be sympathetic and respectful to the Victorian history of the existing stable buildings while adding modern elements to them.

The major addition to the site will be a long building that connects the East and West buildings. This new building will be respectful of the other buildings while adding some modern elements. The building when viewed from the courtyard side will almost mirror what can be seen of the North building opposite with its large glass filled arches.

This will be used for a Gin Bar that connects to the Gin Distillery in the east building and a reception and retail area that connects to the Perfumery of the west building.

The aspect that will differentiate this new large building from the Victorian buildings is the pattern of the brickwork which will be a basket weave pattern to the brick. This will tie the stable blocks in with some of the out buildings and a modern element will be added to it by using a different pattern in the brick work which will be a horizontal and vertical basket weave pattern.

Arches will be added to the west building to mirror the arches on the east building. From the inside the courtyard, opposite buildings will mirror each other

There will be a small modern glass building that connects the north and east buildings together that will create a small gallery space to show some of the artisan work.

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