You are currently viewing Nishiki Restaurant Milan and The Pleasure of Sushi in a Modern Japanese Restaurant by Naos Design

Nishiki Restaurant Milan and The Pleasure of Sushi in a Modern Japanese Restaurant by Naos Design

Nishiki Restaurant Milan and The Pleasure of Sushi in a Modern Japanese Restaurant by Naos Design

Project | The pleasure of Sushi by Naos Design | September 2017

If you love glamorous elegance through simplicity in interior design, you are most definitely in the right place. And if you love when beautiful simplicity in design has a truly amazing aesthetic impact, this post will truly be a visual treat for your eyes. AND… If you are a Japanese food or Sushi lover, then you’ll just adore this. I just love searching for beautifully sophisticated and inspirational interiors. I love the glamorous effect that materials and colours and lighting can have in an interior space. So, this morning I was browsing LinkedIn while relaxing on the sofa and came across this stunning and sophisticated restaurant interior design from 2017, the Nishiki Restaurant by Naos Design… Therefore, I thought that on this wonderful Saturday evening, I would provide you with a post to read and some very glamorous pictures to look at…

The Nishiki Restaurant in Milan is most definitely a place where you can not only have a taste of outstanding food, you can also have a taste of luxurious elegant glamour. If I’m ever in Milan, I most definitely know where I will be making dinner reservations.

Nishiki – The Interior Design by Naos Design

In September 2017, the beautifully refined Japanese restaurant Nishiki reopened its doors with a new modern image that integrates perfectly with the already well-known Japanese cuisine of the restaurant and the original cocktail bar that was inspired by Japanese minimalism. The Nishiki restaurant is the design and result of a complete stylistic renewal by the Milanese architecture firm Naòs Design.

The Japanese restaurant Nishiki had its grand reopening in September 2017, revealing to the anxiously awaiting clientele the stunning work of the designers from the Naos Design studio. The elegant modern style of the restaurant interior is combined with a personal déco revisitation and a strong “Asian glamor” characterisation. The grand and sophisticated interior is embellished beautifully with a very elegant lighting installation that perfectly dominates the ceiling of the interior space. This glamorous lighting installation transports the customers to an atmosphere that allows them to float effortlessly between New York and Shanghai luxury. Soft notes of jazz music add to this sophisticated atmosphere.

The stunning visual impact of the new and elegant full height windows, give an enticing glimpse into the interior and its beautiful teal and green colours through the smokey coloured bronzed glass. In the entrance way, there are three stratified glass panels with antique linen inserts, a true work of art that aims to recall the history of the Asian culture, guiding the public towards the glamorous great main hall. The style and attention to detail can be seen directly from the exterior: the entrance door of the central display case is equipped with a beautifully designed solid wood handle with pivoting brackets that rotate when the door is opened.

There is such a beautiful and sophisticated illuminating lighting installation, a “champagne” effect metal mesh network that flows seamlessly and naturally across the ceilings; in contrast with the stylish and comfortable deco sofas designed by the studio, the classical and modern styles are combined in a elegantly refined and glamorous design. The touch of the Bonsai upholstery in the exclusive private tatami enhances the restaurants Japanese cuisine dedicated to a refined clientele and also offers the classics of Asian culinary art performed with beautiful attention to detail through every element of its design.

The restaurant, with an internal area of more than 300 square meters, is spread over five spatial areas: the three main areas are characterised, as described, by the spectacular suspended lighting curtains of champagne coloured intertwined woven metal. The false ceiling consists of a deep dark grey acoustic mineral fibre to obtain an atmosphere and environmental comfort suitable for a high quality, sophisticated restaurant.

The other two areas consist of;  six private rooms, including five with tatami, with walls decorated with elegant stylish floral wallpaper and separated from the main area by fixed Venetian curtains framed with dark wooden slats and contrasting white curtains in acoustic fabric. And finally the veranda area which is a space that has been made more flexible and welcoming through use of the wooden Venetian blinds and the large sliding draperies.

The main hall stands out above all, not only for the lighting, but also for the linear sofas with brass frames, that have been made to order, covered with a beautiful botanical “forest green” velvet and made with special capitonné workmanship, along with the complementing velvet armchairs. All of the tables in the restaurant are round and square, and have special table tops made of glossy Emerald green / teal blue resin, edged in Antique brass and central support column with a matt black metal finish. The flooring of the rooms, with the exception of the private rooms, also complements the interior perfectly and is made from large format porcelain stoneware slabs with a black slate effect finish.

At the back of the great main hall, there is a large Sushi counter which dominates the space, a monolithic concept created with a solid oak and concrete front, completed by brass finishing profiles that give it that minimalist luxurious look. On the wall behind the counter there is the local kitchen, covered entirely with “Vogue” blue-blue diamond-coated tiles, through a window made of a specialist stratified and tempered glass with a mixture of different finishes including; smoked, reflex and bronze glass.

The lighting has been studied meticulously and have numerous LED light points that are all adjustable in intensity in all of the spaces. This beautiful flowing glamorous lighting installation covers a fundamental role within the restaurant space, managing to create different ambiences, and has a soft light that gently “caresses” the fabrics of the sofas and curtains woven metallic knit.

The traditional minimalist style creates a common thread between all of the interior design elements and contributes to creating an intimate and private dining atmosphere within a glamorous and sophisticated space.

The Elegance of Simplicity

So let’s see how Nishiki describe their stunning restaurant…

“For a dinner with a unique flavor, the Milanese address leads to Corso Lodi 70, at Nishiki, a Japanese fusion restaurant open since 2005. The restaurant, with several rooms, has a welcoming line and soft lighting. You can choose to eat in one of the private rooms, separated by curtains, in a very cozy and romantic atmosphere and inside veranda, an excellent wine list that spans more than 100 labels to better accompany the creative delicacies proposed with an accurate service. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes. Of course, fresh fish is the undisputed sovereign of our kitchen. Sushi and special sashimi, uramaki, tiger roll, mixed carpaccio with tomato sauce scampi, amberjack tartare with rocket sauce, pumpkin flower tempura, shrimp stick in spicy sauce and many other specialities, cooked or raw.”

To find out more or to make a booking, please visit the Nishiki Restaurant website.

As an interior designer and interior architect myself, I absolutely love this sophisticated and stylish, modern restaurant interior design. This is actually one of my most favourite restaurant interiors that I’ve seen; I absolutely adore the beautiful flowing interwoven champagne metal curtain lighting installation. And the colours and materials have been chosen perfectly to complement it; I love the teals and botanical forest greens together, such beautiful jewels of colour. Every element of the design is completely stunning and is the true definition of style, sophistication, elegance and glamour.

My Love of Hospitality Interior Design

I have always had a love for hospitality interior design, I love looking at restaurant, bar and hotel interiors as there are so many beautiful projects in the world that have been completed both by interior designers and architects. When I started university my projects were more focused on hospitality design and it was what I spent most of my time working on and looking up, but as I progressed, I enjoyed residential interior design equally as they are both so different and I found that I could offer more ideas and inspiration to clients, depending on whether they wanted residential or commercial interior design.

As well as residential interior design Leamington Spa, , I also offer a commercial interior design service which includes, bars, restaurants, hotels and retail. So if you have any residential or commercial interior design Leamington Spa projects, or anywhere within the UK, please feel free to contact me for more information. And if there’s anything you’d like to see more of in my blog posts, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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