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Northampton Boot and Shoe Industry

Northampton Shoe Industry

The reference to Northampton and the manufacture of shoes originated from the 15th Century. Northampton had a steady supply of raw materials that were essential to shoe making due to the large Cattle Market held in the town. The central location of Northampton allowed for a wide distribution network and as a result the town’s major industry became shoe making. By 1642, there were enough skilled shoemakers in Northampton to be able to secure larger shoe and boot orders.

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By 1841, there were 1,821 shoemakers in Northampton listed on the Census.  This was evidence of a large transformation for the Northampton shoe industry as shoe makers were starting to become known as shoe manufacturers. These shoe manufacturers would normally employ a large amount of shoemakers supplying them with materials and collecting the finished products that they could then sell to the buyers.

Northamptonshire had a rich shoe industry for a long time due to the rich supply of leather, water for tanning and oak bark. The Northamptonshire shoe makers have made Northamptonshire famous across the world as a place to purchase high quality shoes.

This is a photograph of my Nan and Great Nan working in a Northamptonshire shoe factory.

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