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Northampton Guildhall

This is a piece of work that I have created using Vectorworks and the Laser Cutter. It was produced for a University assignment “What Is Your Town Made Of?” I chose to do the Guildhall as it is my favourite building in the Cultural Quarter of Northampton. I produced a slightly simplified version so that that it was clear when laser cut and could not go into extensive detail at 1:100 scale.

The original Northampton Town Hall was located on the corner of Abington Street and had served the town since the early 14th Century; however it became inadequate in meeting the requirements of the growing town. Then a competition was held to design a new town hall for St. Giles Square. The winner was an architect from Bristol called E.W. Goodwin. His design now forms the East part of the Guildhall building which was completed in 1864. The front of the building contains a wealth of detail that is also present in the vestibule around the main doorway and in the interior. The original Guildhall is a Gothic Style design that is completely symmetrical with a high clock tower at the centre.

Northampton continued to grow quite rapidly and an extension was needed for the Guildhall. Therefore another competition was held. Two winners were chosen to combine their designs, the exterior of the extension was designed by a local architect called Matthew Holding and the interior was designed by the local A.W Jeffrey. Their design fitted so perfectly with the original, that when viewing the building from St. Giles Square, it is impossible to tell without knowledge that the original building and the extension were designed at different times by different architects. His continuation of design, keeps the gothic style of the original Guildhall, while turning the original facade into an asymmetrical design when adding the extension.

More recently, in 1992, there was an addition of a very modern, yet tasteful eastern extension with a courtyard.

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