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Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone – FMP Research

Northampton is currently undergoing a a rejuvenation process and one of the key regeneration areas is the Waterside Enterprise Zone of which the site for this is indicated on the maps below.

(Image from Alive)

“Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone capitalises on our town’s clear strengths – its central location, diverse economy and appetite for success.”

(Northampton Alive with Enterprise)


Northampton has a central location which has national and international transport links which are of great use and advantage to businesses. Therefore, Northampton has been recognised as a key place for economic growth, making it the perfect location for businesses to develop and grow. The zone includes more than 20 sites that stretch along the River Nene, stretching from Sixfields in the west to the town centre. The project incorportates brownfield development opportunities, expanding and growing industrial estates and sports grounds.

The aim of the Enterprise zone is to support businesses and start up businesses, along with providing them with the opportunities to help their businesses to grow and flourish. This partly comes in the form of some key benefits that come with operating from within the Enterprise zone. Some of these benefits are listed below in a screenshot image that I have taken from the Northampton Alive website.

(Northampton Alive – Screenshot of Key Benefits)


Major investments of the project focus on the development of industries including business and professional services, engineering, sustainable technologies and new enterprise start up businesses.

The Enterprise Zone provides a view to improving how the town is seen, making it attract national interest and providing a place where businesses can expand and flourish. There has been a range of major regenerative projects to support this, such as, investment in public spaces, educational and cultural centres, business and corporation facilities.

The University of Northampton Waterside Campus is one of the projects that is currently ongoing within the Waterside Enterprise Zone and is located right in the middle of the zone. This new University campus is within one mile of the Albion Brewery site (Kingswell Street) and also within one mile of Northampton town centre, so is greatly accessible.

(University of Northampton Waterside Campus Map)


The Albion Brewery is right on the edge of the Enterprise Zone, making it a perfect site for the project, where the building will serve as a creative business and hospitality hub / centre. There are also incentives and funding available in these areas to eligible businesses.

There will be further information and some more detailed analysis of the Waterside Enterprise Zone and how it relates to my project in my technical feasibility report which I will publish after it has been submitted. In the meantime, some useful websites for more information are:


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