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Pharmore Mirror Tech – Spring Fair 2016

This is the stand for Pharmore Mirror Tech at the Spring Fair 2016 and they kindly allowed me to take some photographs for my blog that I could link to their website. The company had a wide range of really interesting and unique mirrors that have a very special quality feel about them.

I love beautiful mirror designs so this was a great stand for me to look at.

I asked them a few quick questions about the company…

“How long ago did the company start?”

“Just over 10 years ago.”


“How did the company become successful?”

“We always adapt to the changing interior design trends so our products ranges are current and therefore in demand.”


“Do trends change very often?”

“Well, at the moment, very sparkly and glittery mirrors are popular, but it is unlikely that they will be in demand in a year or two. Something that is popular today, might not be popular in a year.”


“Where are your products sold?”

“We have a website and we supply retailers all over the world.”


When I went back the following day, they remembered me.

I think that they have some lovely products and I would definitely purchase from them when I become qualified as an interior designer. Talking to them gave me a good insight into why they are successful – they adapt to the changing trends and demands and therefore give the customers exactly what they want. And this is why they have been in business for over 10 years. Additionally; the international distribution is of a great benefit to the company.

A majority of the time, the products are produces by skilled UK craftsmen who clearly come up with very creative and innovative designs which makes them really special.

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