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Phipps Brewery Visit

Today I visited Phipps Brewery in Northampton to do some research for my project. As well as gathering relevant information about the equipment required and the processes, it gave me some inspiration for some initial design ideas which will be shown in a future post. I particularly liked the look of the copper coloured and wooden pieces of equipment. Also I liked that in a way the brewery looks like a laboratory.

My favourite element of the design of the brewery and bar was the fact that the brewery was showcased through a huge glass wall behind the bar, producing a very theatrical piece of design. I would like to consider this in my design at Delapre Abbey.

As I only need to choose one area to detail; the brewery/distillery, the perfumery, ceramics or glass, it seems to be the brewery/distillery and the perfumery that are appealing to me the most at the moment as they are fitting with my initial thoughts for design, although the design ideas could be applied to the ceramics and glass work shops.

If I am eventually to choose the brewery/distillery or the perfumery, I would really like to combine the theatrical with chemistry like a laboratory and possibly some Victorian Steam punk that I think will fit well with the buildings at Delapre Abbey. To go with it, I would like to add experiences for the public, tasting and retail.

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