Plexus A1 – Gabriel Dawes – FMP Precedent

Plexus A1 – Gabriel Dawes – FMP Precedent

The Plexus A1 exhibition installation by Gabriel Dawes was exhibited within the WONDER exhibition during 2016. The exhibition showed different projects which used large scale and unusual or unexpected materials. For Plexus A1, Dawes used roughly 100 kilometres of cotton thread in different colours to created an installation similar to the colours of the light spectrum.

The Plexus A1 Installation Recreates the Light Spectrum Using Nothing But Thread

The Plexus A1 installation is “basically the superposition of two architectural structures made from the main material in clothes,” says Gabriel Dawes. “I started working with textiles as a way to challenge the notions of gender identity. I grew up in Mexico City where there is a strong notion of the “macho” culture which forbade me to investigate textiles as a child. Now as an adult, I decided to challenge this continuous culture.” 

Why I chose Plexus A1 as a Precedent for my FMP?

I chose Plexus A1 as a precedent for my FMP for a couple of different reasons.

Light and Dark and Colour – Plexus A1 represents the light spectrum. My concept for my project is light and dark. Additionally my colour scheme ideas at the moment are quite monochrome and metallic, something like this may be the kind of thing that I need to add some colour to the space through the colours of the light spectrum.

Installation and Colour – Plexus A1 is an exhibition installation. I think that my space may benefit from an installation style injection of colour due to its quite monochromatic and metallic feel that I am considering going for.

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