Modern Curved Sweep White Lounging Chair

This modern curved sweep white lounging chair is such a beautiful piece of modern and minimalist design with a stunning sweep.

Modern Curved Sweep Black Lounging Chair

This modern curved sweep black lounging chair is such a beautiful piece of modern and minimalist design with a stunning curvaceous form.

Sophisticated Glamorous Spiral Coffee Table

This very sophisticated glamorous spiral coffee table designed for the lounge area of a luxury British home as a stunning feature piece.

Elegant Contemporary Floral Coffee Table

This very pretty elegant contemporary floral coffee table is the most beautiful and perfect modern interpretation of a floral table design.

Luxurious Champagne Satin Wrap Dining Chair

This elegant luxurious champagne satin wrap dining chair is the absolute true embodiment of ultimate luxury with its beautiful silky seductive curves.

Luxurious Crimson Satin Wrap Dining Chair

This elegant luxurious crimson satin wrap dining chair is the absolute true embodiment of ultimate luxury with its beautiful silky seductive curves.

Classic Modern Timeless Lounge Chair

This classic modern timeless lounge chair is a truly sophisticated piece of modern design that also provides the ultimate relaxation space.

Classic Modern Lime Green Lounge Chair

This classic modern lime green lounge chair is a colourful vibrant modern classic that would be any bright colour lovers dream.

Classic Modern Sporty Contrast Lounge Chair

This classic modern sporty contrast lounge chair is simply stunning with its contrasting black and white racing stripes that pop from each other.

Classic Modern Sporty Lounge Chair

This classic modern sporty lounge chair is a timeless modern classic that any sports enthusiast would love with its sexy go faster stripes.

Funky Vibrant Orange Twisted Leg Lobby Table

This very funky vibrant orange twisted leg lobby table is the bright and colourful centre piece of the lobby of a luxury Spanish hotel.

Modern Glass Drop Leg Table

This table looks amazing from every angle and reflects the light perfectly. The gorgeous blue colour really complements the polished chrome frame.

Glamorous Geometric Angled Coffee Table

This glamorous geometric angled coffee table designed for the living room of a luxury top floor apartment in central London.

Contemporary Elegant Roll Top Lobby Table

This luxurious contemporary elegant roll top lobby table was designed for the beautiful lobby area of a very high end hotel.

Stunning Twist Column Round Table

This stunning twist column round table is an amazing piece of contemporary design that looks absolutely incredible from every angle.

Sophisticated Contemporary Matrix Grid Table

This stunning glamorous modern design is a real feature piece which will reflect the sexy light of its over head chandelier beautifully.

Modern Minimalist Hexagonal Table

This gorgeous modern minimalist hexagonal table is an absolutely fantastic piece of well crafted modern design.

Stylish Red High Back Bar Stools

These magnificently stylish red high back bar stools have been beautifully designed for a high end wine bar in the centre of Paris.

Elegant Comfortable Dining Chairs

These lovely elegant comfortable dining chairs are a beautifully elegant piece of modern meeting classing through excellent design.

Vibrant Hot Pink Cog Hyper Table

The bright vibrant hot pink colour pops perfectly from its shiny polished chrome base and reflects the light perfectly looking incredibly sexy from every angle.

Antique Style Acid Etched Board Room Table

This absolutely beautiful antique style acid etched board room table is the perfect balance of modern design with an antique style infusion.

Trendy Curve Black and Red Leather Lounging Chair

This trendy curve red leather lounging chair looks absolutely stunning with the dark black colour contrasting against the crimson red.

Trendy Curve Red Leather Lounging Chair

This trendy curve red leather lounging chair is purely a piece of sexy modern design in a sophisticated crimson red colour.

Trendy Curve White Leather Lounging Chair

This trendy curve white leather lounging chair looks amazing in its beautiful pure white colour against the reflective polished chrome base.

Trendy Curve Black Leather Lounging Chair

This trendy curve black leather lounging chair has the most beautiful flowing curve shape that perfectly fits to the form of the body.

Stylish Trendy Spring Chair Orange

This stylish trendy spring chair orange is a modern and vibrant version of the beautiful trendy spring chairs and is incredibly eye-catching.

Stylish Trendy Spring Chair Red

This stylish trendy spring chair red is another gorgeous variation of our black trendy spring chair and is equally as beautiful.

Stylish Trendy Spring Chair Black

This stylish trendy spring chair black is a very interesting design with an extraordinary shape that looks very inviting to sit in.

Modern Elegant Black Widow Dining Table

Elegant black widow dining table with its thin black spider legs and its vibrant sapphire blue glass table top.

Sophisticated Steampunk Inspired Stools

Stunning Steampunk inspired stools designed for the bar and lounge area of a luxury hotel in Paris.

Antique Effect Rusted Steel Board Room Table

The protective coating over the whole table perfectly encapsulates the steel in its current rusted state forever.

Funky Vibrant Multi Coloured Table

Bright multi coloured large table designed for a modern art exhibition to display modern art sculptures.

Contemporary Concrete Kitchen Island

Contemporary concrete kitchen counter designed to become the central focal point of a modern kitchen interior.

Dark Masculine Carbon Fibre Board Room Table

Dark masculine carbon fibre board room table designed for the board room of a great Motorsport company.

Sexy Elegant Black Widow Spider Table

A truly a sexy design for a coffee table; with its thin black spider legs and its vibrant crimson red glass table top.

Vibrant Lime Green Palm Table

A very modern and vibrant lime green palm table that was designed for a funky sushi bar interior.

Modern Teal Spinner Table

The aesthetic of the curves of this piece is simply stunning and completely echos sophistication.

Japanese Inspired Stick Coffee Table

This beautiful table has been widely inspired by beautiful modern Japanese design.

Starstruck Edgy Red Round Table

A sexy futuristic aesthetic. Such a beautiful feature table that looks amazing from every angle.

Luxury Marble Kitchen Island Vibrant Twist

Modern luxury marble kitchen island with a vibrant twist for the kitchen of a luxury home.

Antique Effect Round Steel Table

Antique effect round table for the interior of a high end luxury hotel function room.

Industrial Steel Office Table

Modern industrial steel table for use within a creative design office as a large work space.

Delicate Porcelain Effect Designers Desk

This absolutely beautiful delicate porcelain effect designers desk has the most beautiful traditional design.

Trendy Red Square Lounge Chair

Modern trendy red square lounge chair for a luxury private office interior in Vienna.

Contemporary Tiger Stripe Coffee Table Personalised

The yacht name has been added to the surface of this design in a glamorous metallic gold.

Contemporary Tiger Stripe Coffee Table

This modern and contemporary tiger stripe coffee table is made from the most beautiful tiger striped wood.

Luxurious Champagne Gold Lamp

Very luxurious champagne gold lamps are the embodiment of modern sophistication and luxury.

Sophisticated Sapphire Blue Panel Pendant

Designed for a French home; to hang as a eye-catching piece of feature lighting over their large dining table.

Elegant Modern Contrast Cube Lamp

A very elegant modern contrast cube lamp with the white contrasting against the black.

Modern Art Deco Yacht Lighting Column

Bespoke modern art deco inspired yacht lighting column for a luxury private yacht.

Stylish Mirrored Side Table And Lamp

The beautiful mirrored finish against the light makes this stunning piece reflect and glimmer perfectly.

Contemporary Solid Curve Bottom Coffee Table

Contemporary solid curve bottom coffee table with a beautiful modern industrial feel.

A Modern Dining Table With a Surprise Twist

This modern luxurious table is a true show piece with a central opening with a beautiful red lining.

Trendy Angled Edge Coffee Table

Easily one of the most beautiful modern pieces, this table looks absolutely stunning.

Sophisticated Tall Square Based Lamp

This gorgeous lamp begins at the base with a waterfall of cascading squares to form its elegant base.

Modern Minimalist Architects Table

This grand yet minimalist piece is constructed using high quality dark varnished wood for the top surface.

Classic Modern Sports Style Seat

The sporty racing stripes burst elegantly from the grey leather backdrop of the extra wide chair.

Beautiful Vintage Rose Desk

The magnificent print is actually hand painted to a very high standard and varnished.

Contemporary Stylish Contrast Bar Stools

These glamorous seats are upholstered in the best quality black and white contrasting leather.

Dazzling Oxidised Copper Table

Inspiration for the design was drawn from the accent colours within the space.

Luxurious Executive Recliner Red

This luxurious executive recliner lounging chair red is the essence of luxurious comfort.

Luxurious Executive Recliner Black and Red

The gorgeous red detailing in the piping and buttons complement the stunning patterned design.

Luxurious Executive Recliner White

The modern design is simply stunning, mounted on its curved reclining polished chrome base.

Luxurious Executive Recliner Black

The comfortable built in head rest brings relaxation to a whole new luxurious level.

Luxurious Executive Recliner Navy

This very luxurious hand quilted navy leather upholstered executive lounging chair is ultimate comfort.

Stylish Modern Yacht Bathroom Interior

The stunning dark black lacquered wood storage unit beautifully frames the central wash space.

Elegant Contemporary Floating Dresser

This beautiful dressing unit has the most shiny high gloss walnut finish that reflects light beautifully.

Modern Mirrored Box Coffee Table

The design of this lovely table is minimalist elegance, yet completely eye-catching.

Luxurious Vibrant Orange Leather Chair

This funky, yet sophisticated piece has been made using the finest quality materials.

Classical Curved Blue Wooden Bucket Seats

Beautifully finished in a fine varnish to make the details of the wood grain stand out.

Classical Curved Red Wooden Bucket Seats

These stunning chairs have been carefully moulded into a beautiful wooden curve by a master craftsman.

Smart Sophisticated Dining Chairs

These classical looking sophisticated chairs were designed for a beautiful yacht.

Glamorous Grey Ombre Gradient Chairs Vibrant

Each of the beautiful vibrant mustard yellow coloured seat cushions are upholstered in the finest quality.

Glamorous Neutral Ombre Gradient Chairs

These are for use for the outdoor dining area of their luxury Mediterranean home.

Glamorous Ombre Light Gradient Chairs

The stunning shades of teal and grey sit beautifully against the amazing neutral ombre effect wicker.

Glamorous Ombre Dark Gradient Chairs

The stunning shades of blue and the amazing ombre effect wicker perfectly complements the yachts colour scheme.

Stylish Tonal Formal Dining Chairs

The colours of the set of chairs fade beautifully from black, through the greys and into white.

Timeless Low Wedge Chair

This beautifully upholstered low level wedge chair sits on top of four handcrafted oak stained legs.

Modern Metallic Plastic Curve Chairs

Beautifully designed chairs are made from the best quality Metallised polypropylene in metallic colours.

Beautiful Tonal Curve Back Dining Chairs

The pinpoint legs are just stunning, in the beautiful charcoal black to match the elegant piping.

Beautiful Blue Curve Back Dining Chair

This glamorous modern chair is upholstered in the finest quality blue leather with charcoal black contrast piping.

Vibrant Funky Fashion Designers Table

A very bright and attractive vibrant striped pattern dancing across all surfaces of the table.

Silver Metallic Wedge Encapsulated Cafe Tables

The table top reflects the light beautifully with its gleaming silver tinted clear resin surface.

Gold Metallic Wedge Encapsulated Cafe Tables

This beautiful design with stunning chromed gold legs displays a truly amazing table top.

Modern Curved Leather Bar Stools

This gorgeous leather has a slight metallic tint to it so it shines beautifully under the bar lighting.

Art Deco Inspired Red Round Table

The beautiful red wood has been beautifully varnished to bring out the perfect unique grains of the wood.

Diamond Lattice Sapphire Glass Top Table

The amazing lattice cylindrical bases to the table are beautifully handcrafted in the finest white lime oak wood.

Modern Curve Top Coffee Counter

A cleanly designed high gloss white counter base that is wrapped in a beautiful wooden panel.

Funky Concrete Garden Bench

This funky concrete garden bench is a completely modern and vibrant piece

Stylish Metal Striped Table

One of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces; a piece of beautifully timeless modern design.

Sophisticated Curve Top Writers Desk

The entire design of this amazing desk conveys luxury, elegance and sophistication.

Stunning Red Hallway Table

The beautiful elegant gold detailing stands out from the vibrant red surface.

Trendy Neon Designers Desk

This Trendy Neon Designers Desk is a truly eye-catching piece made for a fashion designer.

7 Foot Cat Lamps For A Private Members Club

7 Foot Cat Lamps For A Private Members Club with beautiful metallic finishes.

Elegant Bespoke Pearl Perfume Bar

Elegant bespoke pearl perfume bar with the most beautiful glossy angelic pearl finish.

Beautiful Bespoke Sculpted Laminated Table

The lovely table is made from hand sculpted laminated light and medium toned wood.

Mechanical Style Drinks Bar

This beautifully designed mechanical style drinks bar is made from high quality brushed stainless steel.

Bespoke Modern Architects Desk

Bespoke modern architects desk for a top floor office suite overlooking Manhattan.

Bespoke Red Pyramid Table

Stunning and sexy bespoke red pyramid table for the private office of a nightclub.

Beautiful Japanese Feature Table

Beautiful Japanese feature table constructed from 120 year old cherry wood.

Bespoke Gold Table With The Midas Touch

Bespoke Gold Table With The Midas Touch. It doesn't get more opulent than this.

Beautiful Emerald Crystal Table

Beautiful emerald crystal table is an absolute a pure work of art.

Bespoke Gin Cooling Display Cabinet

Bespoke gin cooling display cabinet unit, cools gin to the perfect temperature.

Amazing Gold Table For Yacht In Dubai

Amazing gold table with embedded gold designed for a large private yacht in Dubai.