Bespoke Gin Cooling Display Cabinet

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Bespoke Gin Cooling Display Cabinet

This bespoke gin cooling display cabinet unit, cools gin to the perfect temperature for any gin based drink or cocktail. Therefore, giving the perfectly chilled drink every time. This bespoke gin cooling display cabinet design is from the luxury bespoke furniture designer Daniel Wells.

The cabinet is made from wood and sprayed in a beautiful black lacquer stain. The beautiful finish is high gloss, smooth and soft, but with the grain still showing through. The elegant black stain highlights and perfectly complements every grain within the wood.

The cabinet is in a zigurat, step design which looks incredibly modern and sophisticated. But this also aims to help offset the bottles at the top so that each is visible. As the bottles cascade down in a fountain effect, the labels of each bottle are unobstructed by the bottle in front.

Beautiful ice-blue acrylic, lit from underneath, highlights the product. And as the light bounces around inside the acrylic, creating reflection, this perfectly lights up the bottle’s labels. The flat front to each container, further magnifies the bottle’s label, giving a wonderful effect. Each container is water-tight. So dry ice or ice and water can be added to keep the bottles cool. Inside there is space for heavy weights to counter the top heavy centre of gravity created by the bottles.

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