Glamorous Grey Ombre Gradient Chairs Vibrant

  • Glamorous Ombre Gradient Chairs tonal wicker chair fading light to dark grey with vibrant yellow seat cushion
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Glamorous Grey Ombre Gradient Chairs With A Vibrant Twist

These glamorous grey ombre gradient chairs with a vibrant twist, designed by the luxury bespoke furniture designer Daniel Wells are the perfect for either the outdoor or indoor use. They are especially great for the outdoor dining experience or relaxing with a nice cold cocktail in the sun. I absolutely love the latest addition to the collection of the beautiful ombre effect gradient chairs.

This amazing grey toned ombre effect chairs, use the finest naturally dyed wicker. These have a protective coating against UV rays, so they will not fade or change colour. This is very important when designing furniture or accessories for outdoor use in a sunny hot climate. Each of the beautiful vibrant mustard yellow coloured seat cushions are upholstered in the finest quality, UV protected fabric. Again preventing fading or damage.

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