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Reception and Retail Interiors of Mont Saint-Michel

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from a camping trip around France which I took as a valuable opportunity to have a look at some French interior design and architecture… but obviously I was taking the opportunity to eat a lot of food as well because¬†interior design and food are two of my favourite things.

I would like to show you a very elegant modern reception and retail interior from the Abbey at Mont Saint-Michel (where they kindly let me in for free because I’m a student).

The Reception

From when I walked in, it was clear that this was an elegant and beautifully designed interior space. My favourite part about it is the arches, columns and ceilings have all been painted white making the reception space look very modern within an old stone building, also making the space very light. The other elements including the reception desk, units, seating and display areas are all contrasting to the white as they are very dark brown in colour.

The interior has been really well lit using white light against the white painted surfaces and around the edges of the contrasting dark elements. The lighting adds a whole new level of sophistication to the interior design of the space.

The lighting really complements the angelic figure of Saint Michel who I believe to be one of Gods Archangels. I think this statue is beautiful and very special within the space as it brings something of interest to the space and is the main piece as it can be viewed through all of the columns from the entrance and although quite far from the entrance, it is the first thing you see.

The Shop

This is the retail area at the Abbey at Mont Saint-Michel with an interior very similar to the reception.

Again, the shop has a very modern, sophisticated and elegant interior consisting of the same contrasting white walls and ceiling with the dark display units. I think that the retail space has been laid out very well with not too much on display allowing everything an opportunity to draw the eye.

What do you think of a modern interior design within an old stone building?

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