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Reichstag Roof Extension – Foster and Partners – Glass Extension

I have been researching buildings that have had a glass extension added to them as I am considering using glass as a material for the extension of my building, (maybe combined with other materials). I would like to add a possibly a more modern extension to it, so it was important to look at what other architects have produced. I intend to look at a few buildings to see different architectural examples and implementations of glass additions and extensions.

The beautiful modern glass dome extension to the Reichstag building in Berlin was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster and Partners to have carried out many famous projects internationally.

The Building

The Reichstag building, located in Berlin Germany was left in ruin following the Cold War and due to this, there was no real use for the building anymore. That was until Norman Foster was commissioned to bring the building out of ruin and add contemporary glass elements and a modern glass dome to the roof of the building.

The Light Dome

The large glass dome sits at the very top of the Reichstag building and has a 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin city scape. The main hall or the debating chamber of the parliament located below the dome can also be seen from inside the dome. The natural light from above radiates down onto the parliament floor through the use of the glass and mirror angles that can be changed to reflect light and avoid over heating. A large sun shield tracks the movement of the sun electronically and blocks direct sunlight which would not only cause large solar gain, but dazzle those below. Construction of the dome was completed in 1999 and the dome is open to visitors who register.

Sketches and Drawings

These sketches and drawings show the design stages of the dome extension, from more basic simple sketches to the more complex detailed drawings.

Development of the Project

Some white development models made to explore the construction of the new dome.

Construction Stage

These images show the construction of the dome at various different stages from various different angles.

(All images remain the property of Foster and Partners).

I really like this architecture project as I like the idea of using reflective surfaces to flood parts of my chosen building with as much natural light as possible, however I do not want the building to overheat as my extension will be south facing. Therefore, I will need to look at other materials to use in combination with the glass.

For more information on the project, please visit the link to the Foster and Partners website below:

Also, please have a look at these video links relating to the design:

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