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Restaurant Interiors of Mont Saint-Michel

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from a camping trip around France which I took as a valuable opportunity to have a look at some French interior design and architecture… but obviously I was taking the opportunity to eat a lot of food as well because¬†interior design and food are two of my favourite things.

On a day trip to Mont Saint-Michel, I took a few pictures of restaurant and food retail interiors as restaurant and food retail design is something that I am very interested in. I have added photographs of some of my favourites from Mont Saint-Michel. This is a bit more of a pictures post to show you some restaurant interiors, rather than me talking too much as I do sometimes.

In general the restaurant interiors throughout Mont Saint-Michel seemed to be a combination of traditional and modern which I really like in interior design. I like how some use very neutral colours while others go for really bright bursts of bright colour. This really makes them stand out from each other.

Something that I like about all of these restaurants is that they all look very different within the same area and all have their own unique style. They all seem quite elegant in their own individual way because they are not copies of each other.

There will be another post to follow on reception and retail interiors of Mont Saint-Michel. In this post I will add some photographs and talk a bit more about the interior design.

Which one do you like best?

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