You are currently viewing San Francisco’s Canopy Co-Working – Yves Béhar – FMP Precedent Research

San Francisco’s Canopy Co-Working – Yves Béhar – FMP Precedent Research

“Co-working has seen the light. Sunlight, in fact. “The biggest challenge was to keep light flowing through without compromising focused work and privacy,” Fuseproject CEO and founder Yves Béhar says. ”

(Jesse Dorris, Interior Design)

“A beautiful place to work in your neighbourhood.”


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Canopy is located in San Francisco which Fuseproject co-founded with a real-estate developer and an entrepreneur. The design solution consists of glass box private office to allow for openness within the co-working environment. These are dotted throughout the 2,800 square feet of the space. For the more open work spaces and work stations, Fuseproject’s own Public Office Landscape for Herman Miller was selected along with a local seating manufacturer Don Chadwick. Additionally, a local company called Heath Ceramics produced the decorative geometric patterned tile installed on the kitchen walls.

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Who Are Canopy?

“CANOPY believes that where you work affects what you do and who you are. We are a work space for members, locally placed, committed to supporting your ventures and inspiring your next conversations. Built from the ground up by M-PROJECTS, and designed by friends Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi, CANOPY delivers an elevated design aesthetic, a sophisticated membership program, and a concierge-style amenities program.”


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The Design Story

“The San Francisco pioneering spirit is contagious. CANOPY seeks to inspire new ideas and new collaborations in a dynamic work environment. Built from the ground up by M-PROJECTS, and designed by friends Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi, the beautiful light-filled space offers the best in comfortable private and open spaces. Using both local materials and cutting-edge technologies, it is the most advanced and yet intimate place of work. Heath tiles and August Smart Locks represent this dichotomy between craft and tech that San Francisco ssymbolises.”

“CANOPY is merging the latest in contemporary office furnishing from Herman Miller (Sayl chairs and Public desk system designed by Yves Behar) and Flos (Lighting by Michael Anastassiades), with 1960s and 1970s futuristic classics from Joe Colombo, Alexander Girard, Stilnovo and Don Chadwick. CANOPY’s design philosophy is to bring people together with great ideas that design can amplify.”


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Membership Levels

“With an elevated design aesthetic, a creative and sophisticated membership and a concierge-level amenities program, we believe CANOPY may become your favourite place to be, whether you’re working or not. Recognising that your needs may evolve, we’ve broken it down to three simple space options for our members”

Shared Table

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Personal Desk

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Private Office

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  • Cultural Programming & Events
  • Reception and Concierge Services
  • Shinola Journal & Pen
  • Guest Passes
  • Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Juicero Machine
  • SodaStream
  • Pique Tea


  • Ample Natural Light
  • Conference Room
  • Board Room
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Member Event Space
  • Full-sized Kitchen
  • Herman Miller Ergonomic Furniture
  • 24/7 Access


  • Wired and Wireless Internet
  • Mail Service
  • Printer/ Copier/ Scanner
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Local and Virtual Area Networks
  • Tech Support
  • VoIP Desk Phones
  • Discounts with Select Business Partners


Why is this a Precedent for my FMP?

Programme of Work Spaces – Canopy has various different work spaces, some private (more formal), some individual (informal) and some shared (informal). For the design of the co-working business side of my business and hospitality hub, I would like to follow a similar programme when it comes to work spaces, offering private formal and individual and shared informal spaces with different types of seating, some more formal, some more relaxed.

Layout of Work Spaces – The work spaces within Canopy have been set out really well and effectively. The individual desks are individual, but still allow for communication within the “pod” of desks, the shared tables allow individuals to do their own thing, work collaboratively or discuss with other users. The private offices are private, but allow for a degree of transparency as they are glass, this makes the individuals using them still feel like they are part of the community. There are also comfortable sofas to allow individuals to work in a more relaxed environment. This is something that I would like to achieve in the design of my business and hospitality hub.

Materials and Colour Palette – Canopy uses different tones of black, grey and white within the design through most of its materials. This is broken up with the wooden flooring. As so far my design is quite monochrome, I can relate to the materials and colours used in the design of this project.

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