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Sleep Boxes

Sleep boxes are used as hotels and rest areas for businesses and in public places. I am looking more specifically at sleep boxes for hotel use.

There is a sleep box hotel in Moscow, Russia that was built by Arch Group in 2013. It is a 16 bedroom, award winning modern hotel that offers a new innovative style of micro accommodation. It is expanded from the original idea of allowing travellers to sleep and rest in busy environments.

There is also a COINS micro hotel in Slough, UK that uses the sleep boxes in a hotel format in the offices to offer sleeping accommodation for employees and visitors to the company. It occupies the empty third floor of their building.

The final sleep box hotel is the Bistro and Bo Hotel in Sweden which occupies redundant space within the hotel and increases revenue as the sleep boxes are additional to their current hotel rooms.

This is a very important precedent when considering my use of the capsule tower as I intend to turn it into a hotel or hostel. These sleep boxes prove that sleeping accommodation can be fitted into a very small space.

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