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Spiral Cellars – Potential Addition to the Basement

For a possible addition to the basement, I have considered digging down further to insert a spiral cellar into the gin bar area of the basement which would make a storage area for all of the bars drinks.

A Spiral Cellar is fabricated using precast concrete modules and can be fitted into the ground below a building (including in areas with very high water tables), or above ground within a basement or crawlspace. A Spiral Cellar can form part of a new build, or be a part of a renovation project. It usually takes around five to six days to install. There are several entry-door options available, ranging from standard wood to retractable glass. The Spiral Cellar also offers several available upgrades, including premium leather step treads/flooring; LED lighting package; and premium finish options, including colour selection. Entry-doors are reinforced and can bear significant weight load, and all doors are available as a standalone option.

On reflection, I have decided not to do this in the building for a number of reasons, firstly it would be extremely expensive to dig down further and insert into the ground, but more importantly, it would be slightly impractical for the bar staff to have to climb down a spiral staircase, every time they need to bring a new bottle up to the bar. Therefore, although it would create a beautiful dramatic aesthetic, it would be quite an unnecessary addition to the space. It would be more practical in either a bigger space with more staff or in a residential space.

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