STK Toronto by Design Agency – A Dramatic Striking Elegant Sensory Experience

STK Toronto by Design Agency – A Dramatic Striking Elegant Sensory Experience

STK Toronto by Design Agency – A Dramatic Striking Elegant Sensory Experience

This space is simply stunning in every way. It is easily one of my favourite restaurant and bar interiors and I’d absolutely love to spend the evening here dining on a rare steak one of my favourite meals and a glass of red wine or carefully chosen cocktails. The thing that I adore about this space is that every aspect of the design works together, the colours and materials all complement each other perfectly and the fluidity of the curves, forms, shapes and lines pulls the whole design together. STK differentiates itself from the other traditional steakhouses; instead attracting a more contemporary clientele and promoting a ‘see and be seen’ culture that encourages mingling.

STK Toronto by Design Agency

The ONE Group commissioned DesignAgency – an acclaimed Toronto-based interior design and architectural studio, to articulate the STK brand’s distinct vision and aesthetic. This is the first restaurant to open in Toronto’s former Four Seasons Yorkville Hotel, a landmark location that is extremely well-suited for the modern, sultry persona of the STK Toronto restaurant.

DesignAgency has taken inspiration from the successful elements of STK’s other restaurants including New York and Las Vegas, while evolving the interior design concept to ensure that the Toronto branch the most impressive STK restaurant yet. The design team approached the two level 9,500ft2 venue as a unique and stylish sensory experience.

STK Toronto – A Sophisticated Drama in Interior Design

A dramatic staircase entrance sequence from the street builds a sense of anticipation for reaching the main dining area, which is dramatically revealed to guests as they turn a corner from the main host station. And here, operable floor-to-ceiling windows transform the space into an airy, covered patio overlooking Yorkville. The very obvious most strikingly element, is where DesignAgency has drawn from STK’s signature aesthetic to create the beautiful flowing striking, sinuous architectural forms that sweep softly across the ceilings and down the side walls.

The designers have really considered the importance of texture in materials when designing the interior of the restaurant. Other striking textural interest can be found in the longhorn installation above the glamorous bar. And it also plays artfully with the shadows and light within the space. The bar is easily one of my most favourite elements of the interior design; it is simple, light and stylish while remaining elegant, decorative and textually exciting.

Throughout the space, high contrast materials and lighting set a luxurious theatrical tone, shifting diners attention from one dramatic eye-catching feature to the next. Wood and leather brings a warmth and softness to the space as a contrast to the harsher more dramatic materials, while STK’s signature rosewood-framed white contrast rollback banquettes invite conversation between guests. Beautiful soft lavender lighting and up-lit floral arrangements dissipate light to create a warm glow over the space, tables and architecture which diverts from the masculine vibe that’s traditionally associated with steakhouse style restaurants.

The restaurant has various levels and zones that bring a further to the visual interest to the space. There is also a private dining room, enclosed by sliding panels with a random chequerboard of tinted glazing that also has the option to be connected to the main dining room. From the raised dining area, guests can enjoy a full view of the restaurant space, embracing the ‘see and be seen’ culture DesignAgency has created. And doesn’t the food look amazing…

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, especially Toronto, so hopefully one day I’ll have the pleasure of visiting and I’ll definitely be taking a trip to STK Toronto to sample the wonderful food, look at the stunning interior design and embrace the atmosphere of the full sensory experience that the restaurant has to offer.

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