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Sun Paths for the Albion Brewery

I have looked at the sun paths for the Albion Brewery at different times of the day; dawn, sunrise, solar noon, sunset and dusk. I have done this for three times of the year; the longest day of the year, the shortest day of the year and now. I thought it would be important as this gives a general idea of the sun path for the building throughout the year, during and not during national daylight saving. These sun paths were produced using a combination of Digi Maps and Photoshop.

This is important for my building as there are areas of the building where I would like natural light to come in. Especially to an existing part of the building with a panoramic view where I plan to put a restaurant, so light is relatively important during the day for the atmosphere that I am hoping to create.

Longest Day of the Year – 21st June

On the longest day of the year, Dawn is 3:53am, Sunrise is 4:43am, Solar Noon is 1:06pm, Sunset is 9:30pm and Dusk is 10:19pm.

1:06pm Solar Noon

8am, 1:06pm Solar Noon and 5pm

Shortest Day of the Year – 21st December

On the shortest day of the year, Dawn is 7:30am, Sunrise is 8:12am, Solar Noon is 12:03pm, Sunset is 3:53pm and Dusk is 4:35pm.

12:03pm Solar Noon

Today – 14th March

For Today, Dawn is 5:47am, Sunrise is 6:21am, Solar Noon is 12:14pm, Sunset is 6:06pm and Dusk is 6:40pm.

8am, 12:14pm Solar Noon and 5pm

I then decided to produce some hand drawn sun paths show the sun throughout the day and the brightest side of the building in relation to the side of the building in shadow.

Hand Drawn Plan View

I have used the plan view to show the sides of the building that have bright sunlight and the sides that are in shadow.

At a later stage in my design, I am planning to look at how the sun path effects the interior environment of the building, which areas have the most natural light and which will need extra artificial light during light hours.

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