Sustainability Elements

The sustainability elements that I intend to use for the site are Solar Panels and Rainwater Harvesting.

Solar panels will be used to generate energy from the sun that can be used to power lighting and machinery at the site. These will be placed in strategic positions that are within the sun path, but also remain relatively discreet as to not take away from the aesthetic of the site. They will be placed on the back sloping roof of the gin distillery and on the front sloping roof of the bar.

Water Recycling and rain water harvesting will take place to be used to flush the toilets on the site and to water any plants on the site and at the Abbey. The water will be discreetly collected and stored in discreet water tanks behind the buildings.

Additionally; I intend to use reclaimed and recycled materials such as reclaimed oak wood for the flooring and shelving and recycled leather to cover some of the chairs in the bar. The rusted steel will also be reclaimed and given a protective coating to prevent further rust.

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