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Sustainability Elements – Glazing

For my project, I would really like to take sustainability into consideration as it is becoming more and more important within the design industry and the building that I have chosen for my project is not particularly sustainable at the moment. However, there are a few sustainable measures that can be taken to address this.


The glazing that is currently in the windows of the building is single glazed glass panels set within wooden frames. These are not particularly efficient and the building will not maintain much heat through these. The single glazed windows will be replaced with triple glazed ones as it is quite a large and old building. These will be made to fit within the original window settings and will look exactly like the originals. I will be changing some of the window dimensions at the front of the building, but the rest will mimic the original.

Triple glazing has many beneficial qualities, the main one being that it can improve the insulation of a building by 35-40%. As well as the thermal insulation benefits, it also helps to reduce external noise and improves security of the building due to the tougher glazed panels.

For more information on triple glazing and its benefits, please have a look at the link below:

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