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Sustainability Elements – Solar Power

For my project, I would really like to take sustainability into consideration as it is becoming more and more important within the design industry and the building that I have chosen for my project is not particularly sustainable at the moment. However, there are a few sustainable measures that can be taken to address this.

The roof of the Albion Brewery building has been constructed using different building materials. Currently it is mainly constructed using corrugated concrete which contains asbestos and some smaller areas covered with the original slate roof. The asbestos needs to be removed as it is a dangerous material and this will be replaced with slate to respect the original design of the buildings roof.

In replacing the roof, I would like to introduce some sustainability elements such as solar panels. These will be integrated into the roof on the south side of the building. These will generate solar power from the sun and aesthetically will almost blend into the slate roof so that they are not too obviously visible.

The energy that is generated from these solar panels can contribute towards powering the building through electricity and heating water.

For more information on solar power, please visit the link below:

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