Tag : Architectural Modelling

25 Mar 2017

FMP Final Model Base Construction Part 1

Today I made a visit to B&Q and bought myself some materials and then I pulled out the power tools and made the base in preparation for my final model. The base is made using MDF, I chose 12mm MDF because I need it to support the weight of my model which will be made from 6mm MDF to represent the thickness of the walls and floors. I have seen bases made out of thinner MDF and the bases flex […]

12 Dec 2016

Albion Brewery Exploded Sketch Model Showing Internal Structure

This is a basic 1:200 exploded scale sketch model that I have produced to show the existing internal structure of the Albion Brewery building to help me get a good understanding of the space and enable me to decide if or how I would like to change or add to the existing building structure. The ceiling heights are exaggerated by around 4 times to make it easier to see into the model and the internal structure. I have put a […]