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The Albion Brewery – A Town View

From the second floor of the building, there is a wonderful panoramic view of the town, nearby buildings and ones further away. It is a great view, especially at sunrise and sunset. On a number of site visits, I photographed the building to show the windows, the interior and the panoramic view from the interior.

Exterior View of Windows

(Top Right – Windows on the Second Floor at the front of the building. There are also windows the full length of both sides of this section of the building).

Interior Space

(Interior view of the actual interior space on the second floor – as it can be seen, there are windows at the front, as well as the left side and right side of the space. These windows provide the panoramic view of the surrounding area).

Views from the Interior

(These are photographs taken from each side of the space – more have been taken from each window which will be shown as a panoramic in my panoramic post).

I intend to put together some day and night panoramic views from the interior of the building and these will be added to my blog at a later date.

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