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The Albion Brewery History – The Tunnel

Underneath the remaining existing Albion Brewery, there is a large cellar and a tunnel. When the current owners acquired the Albion Brewery in 1975, the tunnel was completely bricked up. The tunnel was only uncovered in the 1980’s when the owners realised that the basement did not match with the footprint of their section of the brewery building. The tunnel was quite a surprise when it was discovered as it was still linked to the tunnels underneath the other part of the building which was quite an impressive network. However the original part of the Albion Brewery building was demolished to create space for the casino to be built with those connecting tunnels becoming the foundation for the new casino. The tunnel that remains in the existing building is now just straight, rather than having a 90 degree turn and continuing into the original building.

(Discovery of the tunnel)

Additionally, when the tunnel was discovered, it was full of lemonade crystal bottles from the James Brothers, there were around 5,000 – 10,000 bottles amongst other items such as stamped wooden jam barrels and Christmas pudding basins.

I have been in the tunnel and it is a really interesting space which I would really like to make use of when doing the design element of my project. This is actually one of my favourite spaces within the building as it is a unique space that not many other buildings have, especially not in Northampton. It is a really interesting space.

(Photograph the tunnel today – Antonia Lowe on Site Visit)

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