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The Albion Brewery – Louvre / Louver

This historic sketch of the original building from 1883 shows that there were originally louvres covering a majority of the building. Louvres allow for ventilation to the interior of the building as it would originally have been extremely warm and damp due to the steam engine inside as it was once a steam powered brewery. These louvres have now been replaced with glazing.

Louvre / Louver

Louvre is a panel system like a window blind or shutter consisting of horizontal slats which are angled to admit and control light and provide ventilation into the interior of the building, but keep out rain and direct sunlight. The angle of the slats can be adjustable. They are also sometimes used to provide an aesthetic impact. Modern louvers are often made of aluminium, metal, wood, or glass.

(Images property of Old Penning Guest House)

Modern Examples where Louvre / Louver has been used…

(Langley Academy – Foster and Partners)

(Images property of Foster and Partners)

Louvres / Louvers have been used in the 2008 design of the Langley Academy, Slough by Foster and Partners which uses materials such as sustainable sourced timber panels to create shade from the sunlight. This has been done using both the horizontal and vertical panels of louvre / louver.

For more information on this project, please visit the links below:

Although Louvre / Louver could be considered as a material, ventilation system and sunlight control system within the new design of the building, I am going to explore this and alternative options for sunlight control.

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