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The Angel Project Northampton

The Project Angel Development is located just across the road from my project site in Northampton. Project Angel is a new public sector headquarters for the council that is located in the middle of the town on St Johns Street. The building will be home to around 2,000 professionals who work in the public sector and it aims to generate additional income of £12 million to be spent on the town as the county council has committed itself to the regeneration of Northampton’s town centre.

(Northampton Alive with Enterprise)


The Project Angel development is still currently under construction, but it will be a welcome addition to the town and would work well as a neighbour to my chosen building with my chosen use for the building. It would also bring people into the business and hospitality hub as they may wish to use some of the public spaces such as the restaurant for lunch, the bar after work, the retail area, these of which generate income for the building or they may wish to sit down in one of the public workspaces with their laptop and have a cup of tea or coffee.

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