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The Beautiful Dordogne

The Beautiful Dordogne

The beautiful Dordogne is one of my favourite regions of France and I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful region last year with my Boyfriend while driving and camping around part of France. I loved the Dordogne so much that I wanted to stay forever and I am hoping to go back to visit this year. Not only is the countryside beautiful, the houses are also; and as an interior designer, a permanent move to the Dordogne to become a British Interior Designer Dordogne would be a dream come true.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Beynac.

The Dordogne region located in the south-west of France is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in France. This beautiful region of France has the most amazing chateaux, beautiful medieval towns and villages, unspoiled countryside and prehistoric caves – just a few of the many reasons why the region attracts so many visitors and is a very popular place to want to live.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Beynac.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit every sight in Dordogne, but would love to explore more on my next visit. Some of my favourite places that I would recommend are; Rocamadour, Saint Jean De Cole, Brantome, Monpazier, amongst others and there are still many more places that I would love to visit in Dordogne. The countryside, scenery, views, towns, villages, culture, food and drink are all absolutely amazing and Dordogne is well worth the visit for a wonderful experience that you will never forget. This was easily one of the best stand out experiences of my life.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Beynac.

The Beautiful Dordogne Treasures

There are many famous tourist attractions and sights that we associate with the Dordogne region, including Lascaux cavesMarqueyssac gardens, medieval Sarlat, castles such as Chateau Castelnaud and the prehistoric caves in the Vezere Valley.

However, it seems to be the places that you visit outside these hot spot attractions that will remain the longest in your memory – the beautiful scenery, the peace and quiet, the coffee in a small picturesque cafe, a picnic next to a lake or stream. The Dordogne is truly beautiful in the same way as the Cotswolds in England or Tuscany in Italy are beautiful – the way that it simply makes you want to stay there forever enjoying the peace and quiet, the countryside, the scenery, the chateaus, the amazing food and the beautiful picturesque views.

Some of the other well known highlights of the Dordogne region include the Gouffre de Padirac caves and canoeing the Dordogne, with the most popular towns and villages in the region including BergeracBrantomeExcideuilLa Roque-GageacLe BugueRiberac and Rocamadour.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Beynac Rocamadour.

Dordogne Travel

There are such amazingly easy travel links by road and train to the beautiful Dordogne region of France from the UK and mainland Europe, with many flights (including low cost airlines operating to Bergerac) and also international flights from more faraway destinations that arrive into Bordeaux airport. So Dordogne is a very easily accessible beautiful place that can be visited by people all over the world. We actually drove to and through the Dordogne from the UK so we could enjoy the beautiful scenery and have the freedom to travel to some of the stunning sights.
There are many types of accommodation to choose from,  campsites, gites and chambre d’hotes is easily found, the larger towns have big hotels, and there are many traditional French chambre d’hotes in the countryside. We went for the camping option as it also allowed us to enjoy more of the countryside, where we could wake up to a truly beautiful view every morning and stay in many different places within the Dordogne.
The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Gouffre de Padirac.

Interior Design Dordogne

As an interior designer, something that I noticed while travelling in the beautiful Dordogne and actually France in general; is that they care about interior design. When visiting restaurants for example, not only was the food outstanding (the best I have ever had), the interior design was outstanding also; making the whole atmosphere and experience incredibly special.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Restaurant Interior.

Also, there are so many beautiful houses and chateaus in Dordogne which have truly stunning, elegant and sophisticated interior design taste. These homes look stunning from both the amazing exterior against the scenic backdrop and the beautiful interiors complement the surrounding beauty of the Dordogne.

The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Interior.

British Interior Designer Dordogne

When I was at university studying interior design and interior architecture for my degree; I actually wrote my dissertation on luxury and French houses and chateaus and the sophistication of French interior design styles. Now as an interior designer, I love coming up with beautiful interior design schemes for others in the Dordogne and surrounding regions.

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The Beautiful Dordogne - British Interior Designer Dordogne Restaurant Interior.


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