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The Building That Got Away

This is the building that I originally wanted to use before I found out that it had been demolished to make way for the new University Riverside Campus. I think that this was a beautiful building and it is such a shame as I believe that something amazing could be created from this old power station.

Nun Mill Power Station – Northampton

There were many reasons why I wanted to use this building; firstly I wanted to embrace the idea of transforming a building that could be considered unattractive to most into something beautiful both on the exterior and the interior. Secondly I wanted to really consider sustainability in using sustainable forms of generating energy, sustainable materials and the ability for the building to be self sufficient in generating its own green energy. This would be the complete opposite of the buildings original purpose.

Additionally; I like the idea of giving an industrial piece of architecture a purpose that is non industrial. Also the location and size would have been ideal for what I wanted to achieve in both the design form and how the building functions. I think that I am going to try and find another building that was originally industrial, hopefully in a similar location where my ideas would still work effectively.

Unfortunately this is the building that got away.

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