You are currently viewing The Coppa Club Restaurant in London Heated Winter Igloos Let You Dine Under The Stars by Archer Humphryes Architects

The Coppa Club Restaurant in London Heated Winter Igloos Let You Dine Under The Stars by Archer Humphryes Architects

The Coppa Club Restaurant in London Heated Winter Igloos Let You Dine Under The Stars

I’m really loving this… What a beautiful romantic way to spend a winters evening in these cosy heated winter igloos at the Coppa Club Tower bridge. Just as the igloos are stunning, the interior of this restaurant is also and I can’t wait to show them to you. I would personally love to visit this amazing restaurant and have a romantic evening meal in the igloos in the moonlight, under the stars. Such a romantic setting…

The Coppa Club Tower Bridge by Archer Humphryes Architects

Coppa Club is a destination for eating, drinking, meeting and unwinding. Built around a stylish modern central, brass bar that is open on all-sides, Coppa Club houses a raised lounge for both working and winding down. It is a 250-cover restaurant with a beautifully sophisticated marble herringbone floor, and a café with comfortable booths and a fireplace to relax and eat by. Outside, there is a large, south-facing terrace that catches the sunlight all day long. All of the outdoor seating is designed to embrace the view over the river; including Tower Bridge and The Shard.

The Coppa Club menu focuses on thoughtful, un-fussy, European food; from small plates and bar snacks to very tasty grilled main courses, homemade sourdough pizzas and healthy crisp salads. There’s also such a wide selection of breakfast and brunch dishes; and the bar serves carefully-selected wines, beers and classic cocktails that complements the menu and the surroundings perfectly.

The Coppa Club interior was designed by Archer Humphryes Architects who worked with Hugh Osmond of Sun Capital and his team to complete the elegant design that you see here. The brief was to create an energetic restaurant with the bar as the heart of the space… A place you could eat and relax with your family or to grab a coffee in a rush. For me, they have met the brief and exceeded it; both the aesthetic and atmosphere of the space just radiates energetic elegance. And the Terrace must be the envy of the neighbours as it takes full advantage of the site and location; especially with the stunning heated igloos.

Beautiful Interior and Exterior Spaces

Inspiration for the interior space was take from the greys, blues and greens of the River Thames that the restaurant overlooks. With the lantern flasks Archer Humphryes worked closely with Rothschild and Bickers who created all the pieces in a range of grey, green, blue, acqua and opalescent shades from blown glass. The vibrant botanical greens and vibrant jewelled teals are a beautiful contrast to the warm timbers and spun brass lamp shades of the space. The restaurant space is such a success in achieving the dynamic dining, symmetry, interior design, architectural spatial arrangement, furniture and lighting that easily competes with other restaurants across London and worldwide.

I think the interior of the Coppa Club at Tower Bridge is just beautiful, I adore the colour scheme that has been chosen; as vibrant lime green, teals, botanical greens and copper/brass colours against warm wood are some of my favourite colours. And the designers have used the most beautiful materials, textures and finishes to bring the whole design together effortlessly. They have thought about both the interior design and terrace design for the Coppa Club to make the most of those beautiful views over the water and across London.

The heated igloos on the terrace are easily one of my favourite elements of the design and the interior of each of these igloos seamlessly complements the interior design of the main restaurant space. The warm timber of these igloos is caressed by winding botanical leaves adding some complementing colour to the domes. Through the glass, each little igloo interior looks so romantic, warm and cosy where faux fur throws cover each chair around an intimate table under the warming light. Plants and lanterns surround the igloos, transforming the terrace into a little fantasy paradise above the water. What a beautifully romantic way to spend a cold winters evening.

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