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The Design Concept – Heat and Cool

The concept for Delapre Abbey Stables is Heat and Cool because all four of the processes; gin distilling, perfume making, ceramics and glass slumping involve heating up and cooling down. The concept of Heat and Cool will be shown in the design through the use of colours, materials and lighting. The main part of the design will be focused on the Gin Distillery in the East Building and a Bar in the new South Building.

Heat and Cool

The new building will be similar to the old as it is important to be sympathetic to the history of the site, the main differences are arch ways on both sides, a different pitch to the roof and a basket weave pattern to the brickwork. This will create a space for the bar, reception and retail. Additionally, a small glass gallery space will connect the North and East Buildings and a gate will connect the North and West buildings. This will allow for access to artisan markets held in the courtyard. All of the archways have been opened up and more have been added all around the inner courtyard, so when in the courtyard, all processes can be viewed easily by visitors.

The Gin Distillery will use a variety of materials that convey heat and cool; the gin distilling unit will be made from copper (a warm coloured metal) and Stainless Steel (a cooler coloured metal. This will be custom made for the building by Arnold Holstein. The Victorian red brick will be exposed in the interior to respect the history of the building and also giving a sense of warmth. The work surfaces will be covered in Juniper coloured corian which gives a sense of cool and fits in well with the distillery as juniper berries are a main ingredient in gin.

At the gin tasting end of the space, there will be a custom made gin tasting table made from reclaimed oak wood in a dark warm tone with a semi oxidised copper table top combining the heat with the cool. This will be surrounded by rust and light teal bar stools that complement the metals used. On the wall behind, it will be covered with protected rusted steel which gets its heat from the rust colour and its cool from the remaining steel colour.

In the Bar area, there will be a centrally located bar that is the main feature of the space. The back and front of the bar will be constructed using protected rusted steel and the bar top will be made from semi oxidised copper covered in glass for protection. Above will be a large feature light made from gin bottles and filament light bulbs hung at different levels from the ceiling to bring warmth to the bar through yellow light. The other lights in the space will vary, some with yellow light and some with white light. The seating will take on warm and cool colours that have been taken from the colours within the metals, these will be, red, rust and light teal velvet and black and brown recycled leather. This will include Cosmo chairs by Coach House, Mae SME1G Chairs by Connection and Grand Prix Chairs designed by Arne Jacobson. The tables will have a semi oxidised copper top with copper stands. The floor will be reclaimed oak with a warm tone to it.

All of the other process spaces will have elements of heat and cool and will all be viewable for visitors through the arch ways where the full process can be viewed, additionally there will be the opportunity for tours of the processes, engagement spaces and activities and there is a small education room for when slightly bigger groups arrive. It is a place for an artisan community where visitors can come to experience the processes.

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