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The Future Will Just Have To Wait – Alice Theodorou

This is a project developed by a graduate masters student in London. The project aims to combat all the challenges that London will face over the next 10,000 years. Her idea factors in the future projections for population growth and decline, the rising sea levels, material depletion, strict energy consumption targets, any future space exploration and language obsolescence. She wanted to focus on a long term strategy for the site which would be the Mount Pleasant Sorting Offices. She provided an alternative to the argument towards architectural style and decided to work on an alternative proposal for a 10,000 year master plan.

The design of the building according to the designer – “the building exhibits the evolution of the human form as a reminder of our temporality, and is the expression of how the body is anticipated to evolve in the future to become taller, more culturally uniform, and more androgynous.”

Then she began investigating how the human body has to be positioned in order to be load bearing. She did this by conducting scans of her own body carrying heavy weights. This research turned into a 1:1 routed sculpture. In her design she says – “The figures are also evocative; the lead statues that inhabit the pit of the nuclear fallout shelter pay homage to the depletion of this resource, as well as representing solidarity, uniformity and protection in the face of danger.”

I think this is a brilliant design and concept. I would like to be able to use this as a precedent for one of my design concepts one day, either as a design or a concept or maybe both. I really like the idea of using statues in a design one day.

I linked this a bit in my mind to a trip that I made to Bath recently to visit the Roman Baths. This was probably because of the statues that I saw there. How the statues stood as one of the strongest, most powerful races and empires in history. I was thinking that it would be good to show human strength through design in the future as this is what created us as we are now. We wouldn’t be as advanced as we are now without the Romans. I guess this could be seen as evolution through strength.

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