The Gin Survey

I carried out a survey of 40 people to get their opinions on how
they would describe gin in a few words and this is what they said.

1. “Deliciously fragrant.”

2. “I hate it.”

3. “Refreshing, Quenches Thirst G&T is more bitter side of drinks.”

4. “Not my cup of tea.”

5. “Different gins have different tastes.”

6. “An Occasional Drink.”

7. “Tastes like perfume.”

8. “Refreshing, tastes like juniper berries.”

9. “Crisp and Quirky, a lot of gins are different.”

10. “I don’t like it.”

11. “Refreshing, definitely.”

12. “Cooling and refreshing.”

13. “Dry and Fresh.”

14. “Dry.”

15. “Smooth.”

16. “A Sunset Drink, Summery.”

17. “Perfumy and Floral.”

18. “Bitter.”

19. “I hate it.”

20. “Tantalising.”

21. “Citrus and refreshing.”

22. “Smooth with a citrus zing.”

23. “Refreshing, yet perky.”

24. “Sharp, bitter, dry and distinctive.”

25. “Intense when neat.”

26. “Refreshing with ice and lemon.”

27. “Sour and flowery.”

28. “Some have a kick of heat when neat.”

29. “Summery flavour.”

30. “Gin and tonic is refreshing.”

31. “Spiced gin is spicy and warming.”

32. “Some are sour, some are spicy, some are refreshing.”

33. “Spiced Gin is nice with chilli.”

34. “Refreshing and Fragrant.”

35. “Nice on a warm day.”

36. “Sharp, but cooling.”

37. “Spiced gin is nice on a Winters evening.”

38. “I don’t like the perfumy flavour.”

39. “Refreshing citrus flavour.”

40. “Nice with cucumber.”

I did this in attempt to support my concept of heat and cool and
think that this survey has successfully supported my concept. This also gave me a better understanding of Gin.

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