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The Lighthouse Basement Plan

The Basement of the Lighthouse Co-Working Business and Hospitality Hub is all about the hospitality element, offering a bar with a micro gin distillery (retaining the Phipps gin manufacture) and a spa with changing facilities. The basement space is all about distilling and purifying – the gin is being purified through the distillation process and the users of the spa are being purified through the spa treatment. (Water is taken from the natural “Kings Well” underneath the building). Sea Salt and other items are added as the spa treatment to the water once in the pools. Each end of the large pool has a smaller round warmer and cooler pool as another spa treatment. There is also a treatment room for things such as massages and facial spa treatments that have significant health benefits. The new circulation tower works as a light shaft as well, bringing natural light from above into the basement.

The spa was originally going to be a gym, however, there is a large gym behind the building that is easily accessible on St Peters Retail Park. And also the spa works better functionally with the bar and distillery as both are a distillation and purification process.

These spaces within the basement are where users of the work spaces within the building may come during the day for a break or in the evening to relax when their work is done. Additionally, the space will attract professional people within Northampton town centre, such as, professionals in the new Angel building, visiting business people who may be staying in a nearby hotel or business people from the area who may work in a local office and want somewhere to relax in the evening or bring a client for a drink. Also if people want to work in these areas, they are welcome to as it is becoming more and more popular for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs to bring their laptop to a cafe, bar, hotel lobby or restaurant for example. And why not work from the spa, the Romans used to from the Roman Baths – they relaxed, did business, ate and drank there in the past.


  1. 1.
    purify (a liquid) by heating it so that it vaporizes, then cooling and condensing the vapour and collecting the resulting liquid.
    “they managed to distil a small quantity of water”
  2. 2.
    extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.
    “my travel notes were distilled into a book”

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