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The Lighthouse East Elevation

This is the new East Elevation of the Lighthouse Co-Working Business and Hospitality Hub. The major changes to this elevation include opening up the arches on the left hand side of the building where triple glazing will be inserted. Additionally, on the right hand side, the glazing from the first floor has been extended down to the ground floor and again triple glazing has been inserted and a new entrance in placed into the central glazing.

On the left hand side of the building is the location of the extension / insertion of the new circulation tower. The tower begins to twist half way up the first floor and there are two twists per floor, it increases by 10 degrees each time until it returns to 90 degrees. This is constructed using the glass curtain wall method to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the light shaft, with anodised pleated aluminium fins to protect the interior from excessive heat gain.

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