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The Lighthouse First Floor Plan

The First Floor of the Lighthouse Co-Working Business and Hospitality Hub is a large work space overall, slightly more formal than the ground floor where desks and computer spaces can be booked. The main work space consists of many desks where users can book and bring their work. There are some slightly less formal chairs and tables next to the windows where they can either work together or alone. There is also a computer lab where desks with computers can be booked out. This can also be used for collaborative events, workshops or training events. Additionally, there are two hire-able private offices with a small adjoining lounge area for visitors to wait and work if they wish before a meeting. The centre of the circulation tower has a small informal discussion area break out space.

Here we can also see that this is where the circulation tower starts to twist. The new lift shaft has been strategically located to ensure that the glass structure of the tower does not interfere with it.

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