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The Lighthouse Ground Floor Plan

The Ground Floor of the Lighthouse Co-Working Business and Hospitality Hub is a large informal work space with different types of seating and work surface arrangements. There is also an injection of the hospitality element into the work space, through the cafe bar where drinks and snacks can be purchased. Attached to this is a small retail area selling a few leather products as Northampton has a strong history with leather and is something that could be popular with users of the building. The retail will sell leather jackets, bags, wallets and leather bound notebooks and sketchbooks. As well as the different gins produced within the building and salts from the spa. (The leather products could be popular with the professional community, the neighbouring rock and motorcycle community).

The informal work space behind the reception desk consists of different types of seating, including, booth bench seats with tables, tables between long soft sofas and chairs, and some large comfortable relaxing Arne Jacobson Egg Chairs with small tables next to the windows. On the opposite side of the ground floor is the informal cafe work space with a more traditional cafe table set up, some as smaller tables and some as long tables where users can sit together to work, have a drink and collaborate and communicate if they wish.

The back of the building is home to the toilets and the locker room for anyone who needs to store their belongings. Next to this in the centre at the back is a multi functional space; this is an exhibition or gallery space which doubles up as an inspiration space and collaborative work space where users can come together to collaborate and inspire each other. There is also a small creative studio space at the back of the ground floor and a covered seating area leading into the back entrance of the exhibition / collaborative space.

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