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The Lighthouse Second Floor Plan

The Second Floor of the Lighthouse Co-Working Business and Hospitality Hub is a combined work place and hospitality area. The largest space is the restaurant/bistro area consisting of different seating arrangements from booth bench seating by the front windows, to square tables that are flexible enough to be joined together and individual bar stools surrounding the open kitchen and bar. The kitchen / bar area leads into a small storage area for the restaurant food and drink. The food for the restaurant will all be sourced locally within Northamptonshire from sustainable sources.

Leading off from the restaurant / bistro is an open lounge area where users are free to work or relax and take their drinks. Again, their is a choice of different types of informal seating. The final space on the second floor is a multi functional events space – this can be used for collaborative events, conferences, talk, workshops, training events etc. The space can also be split with dividers to transform into meeting rooms smaller collaborative work spaces and smaller conference rooms. This space can be hired out.

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