You are currently viewing The Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong by Wonderwall Design – Be Transported to the Ozone Layer in Asia’s Highest Bar

The Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong by Wonderwall Design – Be Transported to the Ozone Layer in Asia’s Highest Bar

The Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong by Wonderwall Design – Be Transported to the Ozone Layer in Asia’s Highest Bar

If you love heights, you’ll love this exciting bar interior that towers high above the skyline of Hong Kong with stunning unbroken views. I just love a beautiful view, admittedly I’m not too hot on heights, but I’m sure I would get over it very quickly here. The Ozone almost transports you into an imaginary fantasy world high above all the hustle and bustle of every day life. And Ozone is certainly not an every day bar, it is truly unique in its altitude, aesthetic and atmosphere.

I do have a strong love and an admiration for Asian design because it is just so cool and unique in style. The interior design of the Ozone bar is almost something from another world, almost alien like, extraterrestrial. From the beautiful metallic materials and finishes, to the geometric forms, to the stunning elegant lighting that can change colour, to the amazing choice of colour palette; every aspect of the interior design scheme has been considered by the Wonderwall Design studio whilst designing this glamorous space… and bringing an imaginary world to the real world.

The Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong by Wonderwall Design

The Ozone bar may not literally be in the Ozone layer, but it’s a lot closer to it than most other bars around the world, especially in Asia where it is officially Asia’s highest bar. The bar is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, making it the second highest bar in the whole world; a very close second to at.mosphere on the 122ndfloor of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. It is not only atmospheric in height, but also in its design… Unlike the traditional sophistication that is usually associated with the Ritz-Carlton decor, the Ozone Bar features very daring decor in its unique design.

The stunning, out of this world interior was designed by the Wonderwall Design studio from Tokyo, Japan. Masamichi Katayama, who founded the design studio in 2000, described the design as an “’edenic experiment’ – a man-made environment of nature in an imaginary world, pacial [sic] composition, the line of motion and down to every material and finish were carefully considered.” 

While there are certainly forms within the interior design that are reminiscent of the natural world, they are organised perfectly to bring about the “imaginary world” that Katayama describes. And there is no better place to create an imaginary world than high up at the top of an 118 story skyscraper. At that mesmerising height, reality is quite a long elevator journey away. When gazing out the windows at the Ozone bar, you will not be greeted by any neighbouring buildings, just beautiful endless sky. This absence of urban surroundings at this mind-blowing height appears to justify this very unique, unusual and unrestrained interior design scheme. How beautiful to have such a stunning unbroken view.

Inside the Ozone

The lounge area is dominated by geometric crystalline and cellular structures. If the design is in any way related to anything terrestrial, it has to be minerals and their structure. Despite the bars high altitude, the lounge, along with its honeycomb patterned ceiling and floor, is almost a lot more like an underground cavern which could be part of a beehive and part of a mineral quarry… Especially considering the huge amount of beautifully elegant marble used throughout the lounge area, dining area, and restroom facilities. Katayama’s abundant use of angular structures and objects was all part of his design master-plan, to create “a place that is full of surprises and excitement at every turn, whether one  enters from the bar, the bar lounge, the lobby lounge, dinning room or the tapas bar.” There is so many exciting elements to this interior, that it is almost impossible not to find something new and exciting each time you look at it.

The Ozone bar just has so much to offer its guests, the bar and lounge area where guests can relax with one of Ozone’s fantastic cocktails, while sitting amongst the opulent luxurious interior decor scheme. The lavish colours selected for this space bring a sense of opulence, but are also very popular colours in Asian interior design – using a colour palette of blacks and whites in the marble with metallic golds and silvers added in some of the materials, rich browns and reds in the wall finishes and furniture, and deep bright jewel colours, reds, yellows and oranges as well as more subdued greys, browns and blacks in some of the soft interior accessories. And the atmosphere and colour palette can almost be transformed by the colour changing lighting that can make the space look warmer or cooler. The bar and lounge area then transitions perfectly into the dining area which complements the bar beautifully, keeping the same colour and material palette, but introduces more glass as a sophisticated lighting installation above the dining tables that zones the dining area…

If you’re feeling a bit VIP, there are VIP spaces and tables available for hire which will give you your own private city and waterfront view as you dine with your VIP guests. The scheme of these spaces flows from the more public spaces, but has a slightly different atmosphere, to do with both the privacy element and the slightly more stripped back elegant design of the space. The view and the furniture and the light pendant are the main focus in this space with a lot less decoration on the ceiling, floor and walls. I absolutely love the light pendant that floats from a high gloss ceiling like stars falling from heaven. What could be better than a beautiful view from a beautiful interior.

Throughout the Ozone bar, there are so many beautiful luxurious materials being used, and none more luxurious than the marble used throughout the space… on the bar tops, the bar surfaces, in the restrooms and in this VIP area there is a lot of it. This feels like such an intimate area where you could have a special luxurious dining experience with your VIP guests. The aesthetic and atmosphere of this space almost feels heavenly which is very fitting for one of the highest bars in the world.

For those of you who love sushi, the Ozone even had its own sushi bar and lounge/dining area, this time the space has views out onto a beautiful stone geometric art garden. Again this space feels like somewhere you can relax with a cocktail and some sushi and enjoy the views of the art garden and the city below. Personally, I have never tried sushi, but would really love to, and I’d most definitely like to try it at the Ozone bar.

Even the restrooms carry the same luxury as the rest of the Ozone bar, lined with the most beautiful marble and the mirrors and lighting travel into infinity; adding more of that fantasy dream world into the real world. The angular marble sinks are so unique and luxurious.

The outdoor seating area offers a bit of a respite from the opulent interior scheme, passing the torch over to the stunning view below. On a very clear day, which can be rare in Hong Kong with a serious pollution problem; outside diners will be gifted a spectacular view of Hong Kong’s Victoria harbor. Whether it’s the imaginary fantasy world of the interior lounge space or the amazing view of the real world below from the outdoor dining area that piques your interest, this glamorous bar is most definitely one of a kind.

For more information, please visit the Ritz-Carlton Ozone Bar website.

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