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The Question Cards – Sketch Model and Experimentation

To see if my idea works, I decided to have some shapes with slots laser cut which I would like to add patterns to. I started experimenting with building structures with them.

I found a couple of issues with them:

  1. The shapes were not consistent in size, so it was not easy to create a perfect solid structure that would be completely free standing and still stand strong when a larger size structure is built. They were all the same height, but the width was different on the hexagons and pentagons to the squares and circles.
  2. The slots were slightly too wide so the structure has an occasional wobble and it did not stand as well as it would if the slots were the correct size.

These are all issues that can be solved easily by selecting regular polygon shapes that all fit into a square exactly (I had chosen a regular pentagon and a hexagon that do not fit into a square exactly) and measuring the thickness of the card that I want to use to allow them to slot together properly to allow a larger structure to form.

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